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by ][X][~FLuKE~][X][
Wed Mar 19, 2008 10:32 am
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Critical Error
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Re: Critical Error

yes it is a render fault, but it can only be solved by toning down the brightness and possibly the size of the blast, also it is showing a BSP check which seems to have failed, you also have to take into account that any tiny BSP hole in any custom map will be affected and the UTEngine will not be a...
by ][X][~FLuKE~][X][
Mon Mar 17, 2008 6:21 pm
Forum: Coding, Scripting
Topic: I want to learn
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Re: I want to learn

kinda right, best way to learn is play with the botpack .UC's and see what you can change, eventually you will gradually understand what the code is and how it basically functions, it took me about a year to learn what i know now. keep trying new things, changing small things to see how it effects t...
by ][X][~FLuKE~][X][
Mon Mar 17, 2008 6:16 pm
Forum: Coding, Scripting
Topic: NemesisX & NemesisXF
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Re: NemesisX & NemesisFX

you forgot to mention cancer that you need the SLV files for all the NemesisX mutators to work. :tu:

and its the NemesisXF not NemesisFX :ironic2: