Unreal Tournament v469d - Release Candidate 2 (RC2) public released!

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Unreal Tournament v469d - Release Candidate 2 (RC2) public released!

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Feel free go and download it:
https://github.com/OldUnreal/UnrealTour ... ses/latest

Short summary:
This is a release candidate for Unreal Tournament v469d. This version is stable but still has a few minor issues we're looking into.

Notable changes since Unreal Tournament v469c include:
  • Lots of performance, physics, and bug fixes
  • Support for Linux/aarch64
  • For most people, the client will now automatically connect to the community master servers
  • Players whose server browser still doesn't work can now press a button in the in-game menu to update/fix their network settings
  • Raw input / High-dpi mouse support in Unreal Editor
A full change log is available here.
If you found any issue - go to issue tracker and report it:
https://github.com/OldUnreal/UnrealTour ... hes/issues

Before create issue check what already exist, for not create duplicates:
https://github.com/OldUnreal/UnrealTour ... +is%3Aopen

Happy testing! :rock:
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