Unreal Tournament v469d - Public Release!

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Unreal Tournament v469d - Public Release!

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After RC4 comes the Release!

Download it here:
https://github.com/OldUnreal/UnrealTour ... ses/latest

This is the official release version of Unreal Tournament v469d. Please install this version if you want to play Unreal Tournament online. Check out our README for instructions on how to install the patch or how to report bugs.

As always, the release notes are available HERE.

Note: The 469d client should now automatically connect to the community master servers, regardless of how you installed it. If your server browser is still empty after installing the patch, then simply go to Options>Preferences>Network in the game menu and click the "Update/Fix Network Settings" button to restore your game's online functionality

If you found any issue - go to the issue tracker and report it:
https://github.com/OldUnreal/UnrealTour ... hes/issues

Before creating an issue, check what already exists, to not create any duplicates:
https://github.com/OldUnreal/UnrealTour ... Aopen+469d

Happy playing! :rock:
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