Map search (details inside)

Do you search a certain mutator, mod, skin, map, everything else?
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Map search (details inside)

Post by Cronoloop » Thu Sep 28, 2017 5:00 pm

It was a very nice map, here's what I remember.

Deathmatch; not too big, I'd say 3 - 6 players ideal load
- One powerup was located on a trap (I'm not sure if it could be activated or not from a remote button). There were spike walls. It could have been an armor or a shieldbelt;
- Main color was dark gray, almost black, maybe a bit of blue?
- There were jump pads in a main room that went above a lava pit;
- 90% It had a custom metal/hard music [EDIT! Might have been using the old Mayhem.umx? Maybe, maybe not]

Not sure, but I swear I remember the Quake 3 jump pads so it had those textures as well
The name might have had something to do with "house", "pain", but maybe I'm just imagining things. This name was most likely the "full name" of the map, not the filename. Other things: slaughter, hell, rage, suffer, murder, etc. Full name was "house of something" or similar stuff, "arena of pain". But the filename was different. Updating » Most likely it was named after someone, like "Dude's arena" or something. Also, again most likely it was part of a small map pack

More info as I keep searching myself: maybe it was included in some random map packs (very small ones), stuff for clans I think

Big :highfive: for any help

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Re: Map search (details inside)

Post by Aldebaran » Thu Sep 28, 2017 7:53 pm

First guess is DM-CorruptionD from author "Myth":
- it has an armor on a trap
- main color is dark/black
- hard music for my taste, I think original UT sound
- part of a community map pack
...but it has no jump pads and no lava in

Pics in this thread:
You can find it in the community map pack 1.

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Re: Map search (details inside)

Post by Cronoloop » Thu Sep 28, 2017 8:00 pm

Thanks for your answer. I do have to say the "feel" is the same, but the map I'm looking for was not at this level of detail. It was a bit simpler.
I remember clearly the spikes near the armor/powerup

It was open on top, kinda like the map you linked, but a bit more open. I remember there was some kind of fence/barbed wire on the open part of the map, where the two jump pads were (and a lava pit). Some parts were enclosed of course. I can't help but keep thinking it had to do with carnage, pain, house/palace/place of someone, etc.

I remember finding it by accident in a map pack, or probably I played it on Helens server years ago, but it was not an "exclusive" or anything.
Thanks for your help though, the quest continues :ironic:

Downloaded all the map packs from here (except the CWL ones)
but nothing.

- - - -
found it
also known as: Whisper's House of Smackdown

had to download a pack of 4.000+ maps and search for "mayhem" lol :ironic: