Stop Player Collsion for Projectiles

Do you search a certain mutator, mod, skin, map, everything else?
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Re: Stop Player Collsion for Projectiles

Post by MrLoathsome » Thu Jul 11, 2013 2:22 pm

Wises wrote:
MrLoathsome wrote:(Owner of the projectile becomes None if the Owner is dead....)
I think this is only the case for Monsters (scriptedpawns) and not players/bots.

Re: The BT IG. Would that be a custom gun that comes with the gametype?
This would be much easier to implement with a custom weapon/ammo class I suspect.

Finding a way to make it happen that would work with everything that is already out there, becomes
more complicated quickly.

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Re: Stop Player Collsion for Projectiles

Post by Wises » Fri Jul 12, 2013 12:40 am

i would need to install bt GRR and test in order to probably come to the conclusion that players maybe cant shoot through each other per-se// but I am sure that they can ghost though..

I think maybe we just say no can do for the time being because the more I think about it the bigger it gets.. and is there really a large enough audience / server base requesting this kind of thing?.. idk..

never really got into the whole monster hunt thing.. too much of a realist iam.. party poopa.. ;\

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Re: Stop Player Collsion for Projectiles

Post by papercoffee » Fri Jul 12, 2013 10:21 am

What about this discussion here?

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Re: Stop Player Collsion for Projectiles

Post by Pizzi » Sat Jul 13, 2013 8:23 pm

MrLoathsome wrote:And the stuff you have noticed there is exactly
the same "issue" that can cause stray errors if a monsters projectile kills you after the monster has been killed. (Owner of the projectile becomes None if the Owner is dead....)
Hehehe, yes I know the "Payer was killed by" Messages *smile*
MrLoathsome wrote:This would require the mutator to attach some actor to every projectile, that would check to see if what it was about to hit was on the same team as the projectiles
Owner or not, and then either adjust some collision properties temporarily or skip past the team member, and then reset the properties.

I haven't tried it, and am not sure if that could be made to work or not. Suspect it would be likely to add a bit of lag unless done very carefully.
That sounds interesting indeed...
And yes, I think so too that it cause heavy lags if every single Projectile gets an special Actor added. Specially if this would happen in Real time, means on the fly, but if there would be an Actor linked in general for every Projectile from Weapons the Players can use in a Map it could be not cause lags, at least they should not be that bad.

@papercoffee: Hmm... that all sounds Greek to me :-(
Like I said, unfortunately I'm not a Coder, I just use my Comprehension and Deductive ability to imagine how some things could act and react together, that's all. But this Discussion could be helpful for the Coders, yes.

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Re: Stop Player Collsion for Projectiles

Post by Wises » Sun Jul 14, 2013 9:13 pm

like I said Pizzi .. whats the ice gun that fires 100's of those sharp thingies?..

image 10-20 pawns (monsters/players) on a large map firing litterally thouthands of those..

now image how much resources would be required to tell all of them what to look out for.. and to skip through and continue on its path (IF) the Pawn in front of it is a Human Player..

also again.. is there going to be enough interest (for monster hunt players) in such a mod?

in fact .. is there even a MonsterHunt Community Board anywhere? I myself have not seen one in years if ever..

but.. if there is that you know of , then post a blurb there and link to this post here.. so that we can gauge some kind of majority for this.

there is one guy here who maybe able to help Jack/Kelly but he hasn't dropped in as yet or rather is a lil tired.. due to RL issues.

sorry I can't help much .. and through my minds eye I can see MrLoathsome working on something Mentally .. and maybe even physically ..

fingers crossed and good luck ..


afterthought that may help..

as it is... All projectiles can/do detect the Pawn..... as... well.. thats how it distinguishes between Monster/Opposing Team Member & same team players.
therefore hooking (such a controversial word 'Hooking' for some reason).. into that particular Function Perhaps .. and adding a couple of lines of code to not kill the Humans on same team 0||1
and not destroying the projectile but carrying it through it's path to it's skybox destination.. perhaps it could be done.