TNS Unreal Tournament Clan - Check this out! UT99 ONLY!

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TNS Unreal Tournament Clan - Check this out! UT99 ONLY!

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Hey, I'm Jared aka Turbodaze, leader of the TNS Unreal Tournament Clan

I used to play UT alot and got away from it but then I see UT99 is on sale for $5. I'm in TNS (Total Non Stop Gaming) they mostly have garrys mod and counterstrike servers but the members remember UT99, and so I told them if they're serious to play with me often UT99, I'll buy the game for them for FREE! So now we are currently looking for NEW MEMBERS. Were striving to be the best. But most importantly were here to have fun, cause I know UT99 is one of the most funnest games around! We will play whatever game mode, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, doesn't matter haha.

ADD ME ON STEAM if you wanna play with our clan!

You can join the TNS UT99 Clan, you don't have to be affiliated with TNS. Just wear our tag when your playing UT99. [TNS-UT]
CHECK OUT our CLAN FORUMS, and respond if you want and say hi at ... school-fun