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|TuS| InstaGib Torny

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Hey, |TuS| Insta Clan is having a Torny

2 Vs 2, 3 Default maps Each round

Please PM me if you are intrested with the following Information

Your team Name :

Your Team mate :

What day Is best out of the following : (Friday 29th, Saterday 30th Or sunday31st)

What time bettwen 8Pm GMT or 11Pm GMT Would be best?:

Your Sub (If you can get one):

Please also Check our Forum for more Details


Server IP:-

The Torny will have 3 Default maps each round

If the score is 1 - 1 after 2 maps the 3rd map
will be tie breaker
There will be Admins watching for cheaters and
Rule Brakers

The ruels are :

No Camping (You get 3 Warnings per team befor You Lose the map)
No Bully players (Bully player Will get one Warning Then Dis Qual from Torny)
No Cheating (Dis Qual from Torny and Banned from server)

Teams will be posted When sorted....

All the best
The one and only


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