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Importing assets from another game/engine

Postby JackGriffin » Fri Jan 27, 2017 9:56 am

While I'm here I'll post a link that may be of interest to you guys who want new monsters/content to play around with. Do you guys remember the game "Rune"? It was an old FPS game that ran on a UEngine variant but had some good low-poly monsters and characters (as well as maps). I happened to read that some people felt it wasn't possible to correctly take a monster from Rune and make it usable in Unreal. After some back-and-forth ( ... 1484528806) summarized as such:
"No you can't."
"Yes, you can."
"No, it's not possible."
"Yes, it is dammit and I'll show you how to do it yourself."
<thread locked>

....I posted a medium length tutorial on how to import the Giant Crab from Rune ( ... 1484832780) . Result:

Even if you aren't interested in Rune the tut is applicable to a very diverse amount of content. Bob and I have imported assets from entirely different engines (Arma, Source, etc.) so don't be afraid to try. Low poly is best but you can import pretty complex models (see my KFChristmasMonsters for example). All it takes is to spend a little time learning the method. If you value unique content you ought to take some time to try that "wouldn't it be cool if that was in UT?" project you KNOW you always wanted.
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Re: Importing assets from another game/engine

Postby UTPe » Fri Jan 27, 2017 2:59 pm

Hi Kelly, nice post and thanks for the tutorial ! :tu:
I've been always thinking the same about resources from other games or at least from other UE-based games: if something is so cool I see no reason why not to use it also in UT99...yes, there some legal issues, I know, but, honestly, who cares in 2017 ? I think, after more than 17 years, people work only for fun and to give fun to an old community still "alive and kicking", as says a song by Simple Minds...oh years passed away so quickly ! (well, this is only my 2cent, I guess others can have different opinions about it...)
some time ago I installed Deus Ex GOTY and I found there some interesting animal assets (mice and seagulls)...why not ? :mrgreen:
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Re: Importing assets from another game/engine

Postby EvilGrins » Fri Jan 27, 2017 5:38 pm

Not having ever played Rune (or if I did it was like the cousin to original old version similar to the 1st Wolfenstein 3D) I gotta say, that "crab" looks suspiciously more like a tick than an outta the ocean crab.

Still, so long as I can put it into MonsterHunt (someday) I'm good.
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