Graphics stuttering issue related to netspeed (video inside)

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Graphics stuttering issue related to netspeed (video inside)

Post by Dizzy »

I've been suffering from stuttering graphics when playing online in UT ever since I upgraded my PC and can't find a solution.

It looks and feels a lot like what happens if you play with an uncapped high frame rate (like 300FPS+) but this issue is happening even though I'm using a frame rate limit and/or VSync.

It's almost certainly related to netspeed or UT's netcode because it's fine on some servers (like UK Insta which I think is a Windows server) but not on others (like my own which is Linux).

It's also 100% not a problem if I play offline.

My normal setup:

• Windows 7 64-bit
• GTX 1080
• 165Hz monitor
• VSync disabled and GSync enabled
• Running D3D10 renderer with a 180 FPS cap

If I uncap the FPS I reach 800+ FPS and the game goes insane.

I have tried:

• Different renderers: D3D10, D3D9, D3D, OpenGL
• Different frame rate caps (100, 150, 180, 200 etc.)
• Different netspeeds (lower netspeeds like 5000 do reduce the stuttering but make me unable to connect to Nexgen/ACE/etc.)
• Disabling/Enabling VSync/GSync/ULMB etc.

I've even tried changing my Linux server settings but this didn't help, and other people don't seem to experience the problem.



Any ideas?
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Re: Graphics stuttering issue related to netspeed (video ins

Post by Chamberly »

Not using any core patch?

If the server is using ACE, maybe try ace performance toggle command?
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Re: Graphics stuttering issue related to netspeed (video ins

Post by Dr.Flay »

Have a look at this guide. Possibly it can help you track down the cause easier