Anybody heard from Nephew9999?

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Anybody heard from Nephew9999?

Postby EvilGrins » Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:12 am

I periodically peek into that thread of his, with all those amazing models and plans for his mods, and I noticed it's kinda dead.

Deader than dead, the images are all gone - viewtopic.php?f=13&t=3611

When was the last time anyone heard from him?

The last post on this page - viewtopic.php?f=12&t=3434&p=98921 - in that thread is the last I ever saw anything of him.
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Re: Anybody heard from Nephew9999?

Postby rjmno1 » Wed Apr 18, 2018 5:18 pm

yes i saw him couple of years ago, but i dont know wich server that was.
i did not see him recently.

i think it was on a deck 16 server.
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