Suddenly sluggish, mouse acceleration feel in UT99 (FIXED)

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Suddenly sluggish, mouse acceleration feel in UT99 (FIXED)

Post by spookyrockjaw » Sat Dec 15, 2018 1:00 am

This is really perplexing. Something has changed in my UT just in the last hour. There is a weird feeling of mouse sluggishness and mouse acceleration. It makes it difficult to aim or make small mouse movements accurately. Even the menu is difficult to use. I have direct input set to ON. I'm using the DirectX10 renderer. I have mouse acceleration in Windows turned off. Windows feels fine. Other games feel fine. When I launch UT my mouse suddenly turns to crap. The difference is night and day.

Before this moment I've been playing UT GOTY Edition perfectly fine for weeks. The mouselook has been perfect 1:1 flawless up until now. Now it is crap.

The ONLY thing I did that precipitated this was I just opened up UnrealEd for the first time on this machine and was fiddling around with a custom map. Then I go back into the game and suddenly something is seriously wrong with my mouse. I didn't change any setting in game or in Windows. What is going on?


Another thing to add. If I play UT in windowed mode the mouse is perfect. As soon as I fullscreen the game the mouse becomes rubbish again.


I fixed it by deleting my UnrealTournament.ini and let the game generate a new one.

Something must have gone screwy with it.
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Re: Suddenly sluggish, mouse acceleration feel in UT99 (FIXE

Post by papercoffee » Sat Dec 15, 2018 2:16 pm

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