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Ideas for BTs servers

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 2:46 am
by PrinceOfFunky
So, I just read about the "!vote <mapname>" command on a BT server, so I was thinking about a few ideas for BTs servers in general:
Idea 1. Since I guess a BT server has a file where it stores map records, a command to look for maps which are "unrecorded" or changing the name's colors in the vote menu could be useful.
Idea2. If a file with all the difficulty levels for each BT map would be created, players could vote basing on the difficulty level. Also if all the players in a map keep spawning checkpoints and keep dying, that could mean they are noobs (just like me 8) ) and none of them votes for a map in the last seconds, a map with a low level difficulty could be voted automatically.