more than 32 bots. How?

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Re: more than 32 bots. How?

Postby UnrealGGecko » Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:53 am

I often also use XMaps, I don't remember if it is compatable with XBots or not, but I do know I could swap out the bots with numbers with the in-game HUD menu.
(Just don't swap Bot17 (or any other one) with Loque, unless you want to die a lot lol
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Re: more than 32 bots. How?

Postby sektor2111 » Sun Mar 10, 2019 1:18 pm

gattovicentino wrote:It sounds interesting. If this mutator works, can it theoretically work together with xbots/xbots9b ? (It would be cool if for example it could manage more than 32 bots using multiple lists from xbots/xbots9b).

You cannot enter through the Door and through the Window in the house in the same time. There is ONE value which these mutators are changing. Which one has THE Last word then ? Unless all of them are enough smart for getting into stage teaming together which I doubt - I'm talking about these mutators. BTW, all naming is crapped after 32 so I expect even classes and skins to not work as I wanted in my version, not an important thing to me.
But If you want to look at what I'm saying, see this property of DeathMatchPlus:
Code: Select all
     OvertimeMessage="Score tied at the end of regulation. Sudden Death Overtime!!!"
     BotConfigType=Class'Botpack.ChallengeBotInfo' //this is what mutators are hacking - a single slot

Definitely they claim a class that can be replaced not two, not three, but I have small doubts about stability after 32 - I want to wrong here. I'm going to track what that XBots does and what it doesn't do. Maybe is good to have these in some defined maps - those big ones - because 80 Bots in DM-Deck16][ will only do a mess which I'm not interested about. But for delivering a good mutator able to load a whole army I need time to figure what limitations are blocking me.
So far I could not use anything else than a child class of this "ChallengeBotInfo" because DeathMatchPlus does a restriction which I don't get why they did this instead of letting more freedom toward coding.
As for a DM game, spawning problem should not be hard to solve, a mutator can spawn player even on a PathNode if is necessary.
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Re: more than 32 bots. How?

Postby gattovicentino » Sun Mar 10, 2019 2:14 pm

sektor2111 wrote:Bah...
You cannot enter through the Door and through the Window in the house in the same time. There is ONE value which these mutators are changing. Which one has THE Last word then ?

Yes, when I asked my question, I was rightly thinking of such a problem, that it doesn't matter if a mutator is loaded first, because they may not be "smart" enough to interact together.

Of course my purpose is to test more than 32 bots in some (few) enormous maps. I have configured more than 300 different bots into xbots9b (with different models/skins). Obviously it's not for lan/internet gaming, it's only for a "me against bots" game, since it's impossible to load hundreds of serverpackages (it makes UT crash due to the 32bit limitation that can't manage more Ram I suppose, and Valhalla Avatar only works with/for human clients, not bots).
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Re: more than 32 bots. How?

Postby Chamberly » Sun Mar 10, 2019 9:24 pm

sektor2111 wrote:I wrote a small tool yesterday but I have to do a few changes. I got 50 Bots attacking in Map MH-MeltTownV6_...unr in first testing stage, loading locally a tiny mutator.
The problem was naming. I set Names but because was used an array with the same name as ChallengeBotInfo some variables were taken from there and resulting Bot32 Bot33 Bot34. I have to do changes using a new array and spending time for writing... Bots...

Yeah I remember it was giving unassigned names to default as Bot##. That would probably be the only issue along with not being able to assign skin/texture/voice, etc.
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