Epic Games adquires Psyonix

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Epic Games adquires Psyonix

Post by darksonny »

https://www.polygon.com/2019/5/1/185258 ... ue-psyonix
Psyonix were the same team who made an onslaught mappack and collaborated with Epic to create Onslaught gametype for ut2k4...In this thing they spend money and not to reinforce their staff or it could be using the money for ut development.

It's clear UT right now is not a priority.
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Re: Epic Games adquires Psyonix

Post by 'Zac »

I think you have a good theory going! I could give a rats about Rocket League, i do not play it, but UT(4) has been on the back burner for A WHILE. It would be nice to bring back that passion for UT from a historic team. I'd keep my ears and eyes open for new possible updates and such.

Until then, I think this is a good theory!
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Re: Epic Games adquires Psyonix

Post by Carbon »

Equating every dollar Epic spends to the ending of development of UT is misguided. Their focus is Fortnite and the Epic Games Store and they have every right and incentive to do this, despite how we feel about the frozen state of UT.

I'm no apologist; if you read some of my posts on the official forum, you'll see that I'm as upset as anyone about the situation, but I'm not irrational. Epic have priorities, and UT was effectively a black hole of money and time. The state of the genre right now just isn't lucrative and Epic aren't a charity (though yes, you'd think they could do it for the legacy and take the game over the finish line, but that's a separate discussion from the current one). Quake Champions is illustrative of this fact; if id didn't have Doom: Eternal coming soon (which will sell well) and Rage 2 (which will also do well), they might not be so willing to continue their efforts developing for a game that has 2000 concurrent players worldwide at best.

The deal with Psyonix likely sounded like "We've got a boatload of money and we want cool developers onboard for the Epic store. You guys are awesome and we can offer you a barrel of money, stability, a distribution platform and creative freedom; a win-win for everyone."

Smart. And has nothing to do with UT at all.