A few issues with UT (graphics, ALchemy)

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A few issues with UT (graphics, ALchemy)

Postby utplayer » Mon Jun 10, 2019 12:23 pm

Hi, after following this guide and using UTGLR 3.7+CD2 S3TC textures I've still had a few issues crop up:

1. On DM-Crane the skybox is broken, it's a bit hard to see on screenshots but: https://i.imgur.com/2KId2Xs.png (billboard buildings in the background constantly cut off depending on viewing position)
Software renders this fine. I'm pretty sure this is with using the stock city.utx file as described in the guide, so is this glitch still expected? Is there any .ini setting that can fix this?

2. When using the Boss skin on some servers upon being killed the skin is displayed with either only the arms replaced with a neon green texture or even the whole skin, though this doesn't seem to apply to enemies using this skin. Sometimes this behavior even sticks even when starting a botmatch and is only fixed when changing the skin back and forth. I recall even observing this using the Software renderer. Is this a known glitch with this skin or maybe again related to S3TC textures?

3. I've had no luck at all getting my Audigy 2 ZS to work with this game under Win7 with ALchemy, it is just a crackling and popping mess independent of ALchemy settings. This is with the newest official drivers. I didn't try an X-Fi card because those don't work for me at all under UT04. Is there anyone running ALchemy on one of those cards and willing to share experiences?

I did try the newer OpenAL renderer and removing OpenAL Soft to have it run on the Audigy, and while it works and sounds pretty high quality, the volume on certain sound effects like shock combos is just insane and drowns everything else out, so I'd really prefer getting the Galaxy renderer going complete with EAX effects.

4. When tabbing out of the game I often get a permanent fixed grey crosshair on the screen upon tabbing back in, is there any way to prevent that?
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Re: A few issues with UT (graphics, ALchemy)

Postby sektor2111 » Mon Jun 10, 2019 3:39 pm

My two cents bellow:

- DM-Crane is not a MAP - simple as that - any "remake" is just another trash. UE1 specific rendering system might go flawed behind 32768 UU distances. UE1 was never designed for that - PlayerCanSeeMe() native is always FALSE at more than 1600 Range - I can demonstrate this but it would be redundant, it's already demonstrated - search video on YouTube;
- S3TC - I removed them months ago after testing some map which was giving me pain toward these "great" Hi Res textures placement and their modifications;
- some OpenAL (and other too) driver also helped my UT client to crash - I suppose this was helpful against getting tired by so much gaming and gave me a break for not being exhausted by UT;
- Tabbing out and inside game always gave me pain with some crapped cursor and I had to switch tasks multiple times for recovering the normal display - at a moment I prefer to restart game, depending on situation and what I'm playing.

For the rest of overlays and derivated problems perhaps more advanced people can explain what is about.
As I read somewhere - you might not want to mess with CD2 textures...

Greetings and Welcome to ut99.org ! Have fun and enjoy your stay.
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Re: A few issues with UT (graphics, ALchemy)

Postby OjitroC » Mon Jun 10, 2019 8:27 pm

utplayer wrote: 4. When tabbing out of the game I often get a permanent fixed grey crosshair on the screen upon tabbing back in, is there any way to prevent that?
I think there's a thread about that on here somewhere - you could try a search.

After tabbing back in, minimise the UT window and then maximise it - I've found this does get rid of the grey crosshair in certain circumstances so it may be worth a try.
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Re: A few issues with UT (graphics, ALchemy)

Postby papercoffee » Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:40 am

sektor2111 wrote:As I read somewhere - you might not want to mess with CD2 textures...

If you just want to play ...it's ok-ish. Many people use them.

Skating players and crashes.

Therefore it recommended to have two UT installs. One for gaming with the high resolution textures and one for mapping with the default textures.
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