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Easter Eggs

Postby PrinceOfFunky » Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:27 pm

I've found these easter eggs in SimpleCommandlet.uc (666, wookie, skywalker):
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class SimpleCommandlet expands Commandlet;

var int intparm;

function int TestFunction()
   return 666;

function int Main( string Parms )
   local int temp;
   local float floattemp;
   local string textstring;
   local string otherstring;

   log("Simple commandlet says hi.");
   log("Testing function calling.");
   temp = TestFunction();
   log("Function call returned" @ temp);
   log("Testing cast to int.");
   floattemp = 3.0;
   temp = int(floattemp);
   log("Temp is cast from "$floattemp$" to "$temp);
   log("Testing min()");
   temp = Min(32, TestFunction());
   log("Temp is min(32, 666): "$Temp);
   textstring = "wookie";
   log("3 is a "$Left(textstring, 3));
   otherstring = "skywalker";
   otherstring = Mid( otherstring, InStr( otherstring, "a" ) );
   log("otherstring:" @ otherstring);

Do you know any others?
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