Extended Unreal Campaign..?

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Extended Unreal Campaign..?

Post by ExpEM » Wed Jan 06, 2021 3:39 am

Most people here will be well aware that RTNP was built using a bunch of levels cut from Unreal.
I'm looking for a list of RTNP levels that were cut from unreal (included with RTNP) and a list of levels built specifically for RTNP.

I'm thinking of making a mod to splice as many RTNP maps back into the Unreal campaign as possible (Maps will be modified to remove most RTNP exclusive content).
Transitional maps will be built to link the end of a level to the start of the next as required.

This WILL NOT BE a fast project and it will be placed on the back burner for me to work on (likely for years) until complete, IF I end up working on it at all.

Any suggestions or discussions on where to place each RTNP map into the Unreal campaign would be appreciated.

I am working on 'The Loch of Undertow' inspired levels to be spliced in, unsure where yet.
I have completed (But will not yet release) a full replacement for NaliLord and a replacement for VeloraEnd. Both vanilla levels are just meh (IMHO).
- Any other 'Meh' level replacement suggestions would be appreciated too.

Any new maps will be built to fit in with the original campaign.

Please and thank you for your input.
- If people are willing to commit to the project feel free to post or PM. But be aware, if I think your content doesn't fit then it wont be used. I'm not used to working with people (I'm an arsehole) and it will be my project.

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Re: Extended Unreal Campaign..?

Post by OjitroC » Wed Jan 06, 2021 11:13 am

Perhaps you need to compare the maps in Unreal with those in the Return to Na Pali : Ultimate Edition (which has 17 original RTNP maps and 10 cut Unreal Beta maps)? The readme for the latter says "This is a fully polished Return to Na Pali conversion for Unreal Tournament with all the great features of oldskool. It also contains the cut Unreal Beta maps in a finalized form, together with the RTNP adventure."

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Re: Extended Unreal Campaign..?

Post by SteadZ » Wed Jan 06, 2021 11:32 am

I'm glad OjitroC mentioned RTNP: Ultimate Edition - this post made me instantly think of that project but reading more made me realise your idea is a bit different from that!

I'm not sure if your also aware that there are existing conversions of the Unreal Beta to work with modern Unreal/UT which you may find helpful - especially for knowing what was specifically added in RTNP: Dots' Unreal Beta Conversion

You may also be interested in this resource: Unreal Beta Guide

And this one too: UB's U1 Trivia Thread

As for your question - please find a map list below (I've highlighted the beta retrofits):
  • DuskFalls - RTNP original (Nivlek)
  • Nevec - RTNP original (Nivlek)
  • Eldora - RTNP original (Worch)
  • Glathriel1 - RTNP original (Worch)
  • Glathriel2 - RTNP original (Worch)
  • Crashsite - RTNP original (Worch)
  • Crashsite1 - RTNP original (Worch)
  • Crashsite2 - RTNP original (Worch)
  • SpireLand - Beta retrofit (Pancho / Nivlek)
  • Nagomi - Beta retrofit (Pancho / Nivlek)
  • Velora - Beta retrofit (Shane Caudle)
  • NagomiSun - Beta retrofit (Pancho / Nivlek)
  • Foundry - Beta retrofit (Cliffyb)
  • Toxic - Beta retrofit (Cliffyb)
  • Glacena - RTNP original (Nivlek)
  • Abyss - RTNP original (Nivlek)
  • Nalic2 - RTNP original (Nivlek)
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Re: Extended Unreal Campaign..?

Post by ExpEM » Thu Jan 07, 2021 1:44 am

Awesome! Thank you both for your feed back I'll delve in and see what I can figure out.