ut99 can't make the server to listen anymore, but some other games can

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ut99 can't make the server to listen anymore, but some other games can

Post by PrinceOfFunky » Sun Mar 13, 2022 8:03 pm

It looks like WinSock can't listen to new connections anymore, I tried binding the port 7777 (TCP) on Python and Java and it works fine, but with games written in C, C++, like ut99 or Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, the ports are not accessible outside of my network.

These past days everything worked fine until I updated XLink Kai + installed ZeroTier to play LAN games over the internet, then I noticed I couldn't access my ut99 home server like I did before using my public IP. I also noticed that a new network adapter was created called "Local Area Connection* n" (where "n" is whatever number) which is a "Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter", every software was opening ports on that adapter instead of the one I used since forever (over ethernet), I was able to hide those adapters and kind of uninstalling some of them... So now ut99 shows it opens the port on the correct IP so I believe it uses the correct adapter now, yet it doesn't listen, I think it doesn't because I've checked the ports:
UCC (7777)
Enemy Territory (27690)
Python (7777)
Minecraft (Java, 25565)
I doubt it's the router because I've formatted it twice already and there were no differences.

So, does anybody have an idea of what the hell is happening?
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