questions from a diehard ut fan....

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questions from a diehard ut fan....

Post by darksonny » Tue Jun 14, 2022 11:27 am

Hi everybody!

Long time not logging here :)

I was wondering about mapping contests (inside and outside this great forum). When doing maps form community, I have a questions for all mappers (could be included players, and manily if are they also mappers so...):

1) What does a map being well designed to get an guaranteed fun?
2) What does a map being quoted a bad map?

1) Answer:
-No labyrinth feel (in sense of you can feel lost)
-Not Abuse of corridor or having a lot of them (mainly in dm, tdm, not sure about other gametypes like ctf, dom or assault...)
-Not Abuse of squared rooms with not any sort of objects that "modifies" the path for players (boxes, columns, etc...)
-Vammunition well selected or not widely separated in distances by the map
-Not overplacement of item protections in one place (Example; shieldbelt, thingspad, and keg alltogether)

2) Answer:
-Unless it meant to be a joke or not being taken seriously, bright or garish colors
poorly chosen textures (bad taste or bad design decisions)
-if a map having all errors from the answers one (having labyrinth feel, many corridors, bad item placement etc...), does not have any incentives or features that make the map worth playing in the sense that even though it has bad things about it, it ensures fun.
-Not being fully bot supported (in general, I can think on some exceptions tho...)
-Mapper ensure to pack all texture into mylevel avoiding issues with versions and duplicates.
- Not ensuring map does not have any annoying bug preventing you to play it (at least for serious errors not those not prevents you playing).

Try to give the best and "neutral" opinion as you can, the mapmaker's own tastes are not valid for making maps, only the opinion that a map can be fun or good because it has something that players like. What do you think about this when doing maps or contest maps?
What suggestion could you give to newcomers into mapping?

:) :highfive:

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Re: questions from a diehard ut fan....

Post by EvilGrins » Tue Jun 14, 2022 8:24 pm

I look for playability, music, and bot pathing. Don't play online so much anymore, so pathing is key and bad music can ruin playing.

Only mapping advice I can give would be that you don't have to do it all on your own. I edit maps but am not a mapper per se, there's a lot I don't now how to do so I've found regulars to help fix or do things on mapping projects that I can't do:
- I've got a wizard of sorts who is amazing at pathing and other things.
- I found this one guy who makes incredible skyboxes, when he's available.

So, find regulars that can help you with stuff.
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