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New site.

Post by VRN|0wn_m3_pl0x » Fri Jul 18, 2008 4:08 pm

Ok, i am a recent server purchaser. Another idiot that cba to wait for admins to kick lamers and speak the truth.

My server is : It is a bunnytrack server and is based in the U-N-I-T-E-D_K-I-N-G-D-O-M. I am english if you must know.

The forum is very new and is like a chilling area where you can apply for admin, and have a chat. It is not a clan. It also has details on a funnel server that the [sha] guy and girl run. People may not like funnel servers, but why not TRY it with a couple of mates. Remember if your playing serious whats the point? It's a game, who cares if it takes 30 mins to win, or 3 as long as you have F-U-N!

Thanks. Pop over to : For more information.

UN|| is a CLan born from the ASHES of VRN. Remember. Shade Also pays for UN||'s site, so he is a busy guy :P

Check our clan site here : Enjoy!

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Re: New site.

Post by Shade » Fri Jul 18, 2008 4:27 pm

Well... i cant see the forum :( The navigation fills out the whole screen.

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Re: New site.

Post by Mephi » Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:32 pm

hey Shade, im the [sha] boy :P, could you please explain the error ? If there is one i must sort it out for new commers.

TIp: Usually when u enter the forum, it says: This board has no forums: So u gotta register :P

Funnel servers are for fun, many of you might know what this is about, many don't..its a well suited server for news, pro, campers, even BT players who can use all those crazy dodges and stuff on some DM maps. Try it !

Thanks, Mephi

LE: Oh and thanks pl0x for the [sha] guy and girl thing, reaaaaly classy :bio:
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