[HELP WANTED]Nali Skeletons

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[HELP WANTED]Nali Skeletons

Post by Delacroix » Sun Feb 17, 2019 8:56 pm


Per my request, for the Episodes project, a new pawn was made by Z-Enzyme. The Nali Skeletons. At that time it was believed to be feature complete, however later (after Z has chosen to become inactive in U1/UT community), I realized that it's missing something.

Currently the mod contains the following:

- a weaponless Nali Skeleton
- Nali Skeleton swordsman with a crude sword
- Nali Skeleton mage firing bolts of various elemental properties depending on class.

However, resources were found that made me realize that more variants are needed. Botpack has a "shield" model which is composed of a shield and two swords crossed behind it and Chaos has its bastard sword and crossbow. Now before you asked, years ago I asked if I can use Chaos weaponry in a project and received the okay and even a "thank you for asking first" type of deal. So let's go through what needs to be done.

- Nali Skeleton Captain: that would utilize one of the swords from the "shield" model and the shield itself for defense, similar to how the Skaarj Trooper uses it, only always having it on, not summoning it from thin air.
- Nali Skeleton brute: that would dual wield the bastard sword from Chaos.
- Nali Skeleton bowman: that would use the Chaos crossbow to snipe away from afar.

Now, sources including the needed models would be provided to the modeller and coder who wish to try their hand with this. I don't have the skills necessary and I believe that before I start donating the Skeletons to projects properly or eventually put 'em to use for my own, this needs finalization first.

Modeller/Animator willing to work with this should agree that the end result must be a vertmesh, just like the original.

Thread will be reposted on other forums in hope for replies.

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Re: [HELP WANTED]Nali Skeletons

Post by JackGriffin » Sun Feb 17, 2019 9:15 pm

This is interesting TBH. I have always thought that one of the glaring weaknesses in standard models was the lack of defensive animations/stances. You'd think a set of shield animations would be useful across a bunch of things. I hope someone steps up.
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