REQUEST: Nali Female (Vandora) Model / Skin

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Re: REQUEST: Nali Female (Vandora) Model / Skin

Post by Dr.Flay »

There are a couple of people here who seem to specialise in model conversions.
I suggest you PM them.
"Nephew" is always tinkering with skins and models for example.
Check the Skins thread for a few likely helpers.
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Re: REQUEST: Nali Female (Vandora) Model / Skin

Post by Delacroix »

Dr.Flay wrote:There are a couple of people here who seem to specialise in model conversions.
I suggest you PM them.
"Nephew" is always tinkering with skins and models for example.
Check the Skins thread for a few likely helpers.
Thanks for the suggestion, Doctor. I'll do this ASAP.
Creavion wrote:The complete model would be needed to re-animated. Nobody might do something like that! This is a hell of a job! Not even years ago with a way more active modding community I think anybody would have agreed to do this. Today you are better of about to be independent as much as possible with content creation of any sort. Overall if you request something other people better know in return about your created stuff. This means if you request something, you should show something selfmade by yourself as well, to let people have faith in you that you are able to finish something... if you would be new in the modding community of a game, you surely could not request 100 new modelled, skinned and animated new pawns. The amount of work and difficulty of your request also depends on your own reputation and maybe previous work results (maps, mods ...) --- but like I said: If you can create/"get" most of the stuff by your own, it is way better, even if it takes longer.
Well ain't you the skeptic. You'd bring just about ANY initiative to a crash with your unparallelled skepticism. But very well. You wanna know about *my* released work? I am mostly about recovery projects, beta stuff and the like. I was the one responsible for the final shape of the Division Bonus Pack, containing 10 Epic maps that were scattered around on some shareware discs, strategy guide mumbojumbo and beta versions. I was the visionary behind Forgotten Classics Bonus Pack, which may have been cancelled but not before Alpha 5 of it *was* indeed released. I am finalizing the translation of the entire game of Unreal to Polish (note that once I finalize that, I may as well create translations for some fan maps and map packs as well.). I am no mapper or modeller, so if I want a model done, I request it and do it politely. Your behavior suggests that I was insolent enough to outright demand it (even though you did not use these exact words, I sure as hell feel as if you did.). Now, you know how you made me feel? Outright miserable. And hopeless. I sure as hell hope you do the same to a person who CAN fight back at you. Perhaps then you'd realize that it's not the way to go.
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Re: REQUEST: Nali Female (Vandora) Model / Skin

Post by Creavion »

Earlier I also have done a lot of shit. At some point I realized myself I was requesting stuff and at the end I failed to finish my own stuff. At some point some people were highly pissed of because of that. I also requested some stuff from Ferali in the past which never got used at all. For myself somehow shameful, because others spared their time for me and at the end it was actually for nothing. Later I got a little bit more independent with modelling, texturing and stuff. If I have the choice between "somebody can make it for me within 1 week" and "I could do it myself, but I would need 4 weeks", I think I would take the second, simply because I never really trust myself I can finish everything I plan to do. If I e.g. would create some textures and I would plan them to use them for a map which never would happen, you guess it, my own fail. But this feeling of somebody spared his time for your requests and at the end he realizes "jesus, once again he did not finish it at all", would somehow and someday lead to this "why helping him anyway? I mean, he won`t finish anything at all...". You get what I mean? If some small projects/requests keep unused because of motivation lacks... not good but sadly this can happen. But what do you think what happens with way bigger requests? Do you get what I mean?
As you MIGHT now we tried to develop a CMP3, but it did not work anymore for several reasons. In the moment I realized it is useless I told people they should better stop working on their things because I did not want people wasting their time for nothing at the end. I do not know about you, but in such cases I everytime feeled remorse.
The only thing I wanted to tell you is, do not wildly request stuff all along and just think a little bit about its effects. UT has not that many developers left anymore. Of nearly all of us the freetime is very very limited. No matter if we are doing something for yourself or for other people, we should make sure, it won`t end up in the trash can at the end.
If I would not have put in my two cents, your request thread would have ended most likely without any promosing reply on your side anyway. And BTW: Only because of the finished mappack some years ago it does not mean, I can allong with hundres of requests for anything and everything. The world does not revolve for particular single persons, but rather for the community at all. I know my post was not that kind, but in some cases it is requrired to be a little bit more direct. Just accept a little bit responsibility for the things you are asking for (no matter about previous projects, a modders motivation can always fade - this can happen to EVERYBODY), specially like I said bigger things and beware about the lack of todays amount of developers and their freetime.
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Re: REQUEST: Nali Female (Vandora) Model / Skin

Post by AlCapowned »

Delacroix, Creavion's earlier post was right. Like I said, the whole model would have to be rigged and animated. It takes time to match Epic's animations, and I'm saying this from personal experience. Animating the slith and skaarj hybrids was time consuming; if either of them had four arms and two wings, I would still be working on their animations. Throw in a new skin based on one texture, and this whole thing would take a very long time to do. I am working on skeletal animations for a nali, so if someone is able to make a new model and skins, that might make things easier. You really shouldn't expect anything, though, but I'm just being realistic.