Server falls asleep after Game end

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Re: Server falls asleep after Game end

Post by rjmno1 » Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:45 pm

Barbie wrote:
rjmno1 wrote:Well so far as i know it got something todo with the windows settings also.
*cough* That server is running on Linux in a shared environment.
Well is there a Linux distribution who you can edit the power management?
Now i understand the complex things of editing files so the server never can sleep.
Otherwise read the faq who comes with the Linux.Otherwise you have to solve indeed the software way.
I,m sory i never use Linux, Always windows.Its to complex for me and not so user friendly.
I have a multitask operating systenm who works with dos commands, thats Linux.And a hard way properly to install.
Have much pleasure to solve this problem.

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Re: Server falls asleep after Game end

Post by dot » Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:33 am

1. Here console commands for explore memory: ... mands_(UT)

2. Search over code and eliminate all keyword "new" if possible. Or make new (None) as you write in forum for linked list. Better reuse objects.
I make small test - 10000 new object on every tick. It is eat many memory. After switch level it is going free this memory. It is take a lot time. CPU loaded on one core. On Windows.
Also possible overflow not only for name length but for name counter. 2 billion objects. It can be hard, but not impossible. But maybe memory ended before this.

3. Make debug packages of all custom server packages and debug all in and out to each function. For determine place of hang.

4. Make server process memory dump for investigate it later.

5. Try see what treads running on asleep state and compare with usual state. Via gdb.

6. Make script for dump some state about server each interval (memory, count objects etc). On asleep you can get this values before crash.
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Re: Server falls asleep after Game end

Post by OjitroC » Wed Nov 07, 2018 10:09 am

Just to note that the link in (1) above should be ... mands_(UT)