Another BPak issue: BEightball

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Another BPak issue: BEightball

Postby Barbie » Sat Jan 14, 2017 7:14 am

I noticed that every time a "BPak.BRocket" is launched from "BPak.BEightball" the following message is written to client's log:
ScriptWarning: UT_RingExplosion4 MH-Gardenofdeath.UT_RingExplosion275 (Function Botpack.UT_RingExplosion4.SpawnExtraEffects:0010) Accessed None
Because of fast reloading the log get really spammed...

The main error lies in class UT_RingExplosion4.SpawnExtraEffects():
Code: Select all
class UT_RingExplosion4 extends ut_ComboRing;

simulated function SpawnExtraEffects() {
   bExtraEffectsSpawned = true;
No check if "Owner == None" is done there before accessing Rotation and so above ScriptWarning is thrown if this happens.

Because BRocket spawns that UT_RingExplosion4 without passing an owner, Owner is always None. Unfortunately passing self as owner does not help because the projectile is destroyed after spawning UT_RingExplosion4 and therefore Owner is None again. So UT_RingExplosion4 as well as BRocket have to be replaced. Because of short sighted design of UT_Eightball (parent of BEightball) - the SeekingProjectile and the normal Projectile are not configurable but hard coded - BEightball has to be replaced, too.

NB: Has anybody interest in making a fix collection for that BPak? I already fixed that MiniLord, BBioGlob and now the BEightball.
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Re: Another BPak issue: BEightball

Postby sektor2111 » Sat Jan 14, 2017 8:59 am

Excuse me, my BPak doesn't include that - I'm using it for fast map testing with Bots else some tests take ages - this is what I find the only useful thing in this package.
That is not the only issue, see BigFace Collision - it's just stupid. MiniLord breaks killed chain etc... it's just a trash added to UT and used as a good thing.
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