How to call state function in Super.Super?

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How to call state function in Super.Super?

Postby Barbie » Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:29 pm

Example of Nali's code:
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state Roaming {
   ignores EnemyNotVisible;

   function PickDestination()
      if ( bHasWandered && (FRand() < 0.1) )
      bHasWandered = true;
I'd like to overwrite that state function PickDestination() and call ScriptedPawn's function PickDestination() in state 'Roaming' instead. But the compiler does not accept "Super(ScriptedPawn).PickDestination()": Unknown function 'PickDestination' in 'Class UnrealShare.ScriptedPawn'
Is a special syntax needed (like "Super(ScriptedPawn).Roaming.PickDestination()" or is this not possible at all because Nail's state 'Roaming' is redefined instead of extended?
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Re: How to call state function in Super.Super?

Postby sektor2111 » Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:53 pm

I don't call those - I have CTRL C and CTRL V from ScriptedPawn in whatever I want. It's how I did NsMonster before XCGE19 - I did not have other solution in that time, and then adding sanity checkers where they were missing.
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