Mutator: Live In-Game 'TV' Feed. Screen & CameraSpot hybrid.

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Mutator: Live In-Game 'TV' Feed. Screen & CameraSpot hybrid.

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Hi folks,

I've been thinking. In addition to my map needing an Entry/Exit Trigger, it also could use a Live TV Feed mutator/mod. Think of it like a hybrid of Mychaeel's 'Screen' component and the brilliant, (if mildly limited) CameraSpot mod. Stand in front of a wall panel and much like watching TV, you'd get a live feed from other players in the map as they're playing. You can turn and look around in the spawn room and the screen would show the live feed just as if you were stood/sat in front of a TV screen at home.

I have some spare space on the walls of my 2 spawn rooms in my map and figured it'd be so cool (but not necessary) to have 1 of these TV screens in each of the spawn rooms with some basic controls, (change player and change player view, perhaps). However, I'm acutely aware that it'd probably put a lot of strain on the CPU if it were implemented, but HOW much strain, I don't know, (especially when you consider that there are many different CPUs out there in circulation). Oh and to make matters more complicated, yes, it'd have to work online or in networked games, (e.g LAN).

If you believe that I'm mistaken in my CPU-strain (or indeed the engine in UT99) assumption and that it COULD be implemented without too much CPU (or engine) strain, then what might be possible?

Any ideas, thoughts?