Why do even simple movers lag when playing online?

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Re: Why do even simple movers lag when playing online?

Postby Dizzy » Tue Oct 16, 2018 12:52 am

@sektor I tested this on my server (laggy mover maps: CTF-BT-SeGear and CTF-BT-Donnie-v1) and it works beautifully. Really excellent. Thank you very much to you and Higor for your help.

If you have no objections I will post this on Github with you and Higor as the authors.

If you think of any improvements to the code, please post them here and I will update mine also.

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Re: Why do even simple movers lag when playing online?

Postby sektor2111 » Tue Oct 16, 2018 6:15 am

I hope you will remove RotatingMover from deal like I said...

Main credit goes at Higor, he figured what has to be changed at movers and was writing formula, I just followed advice and I wrote a few lines, first time I was over-thinking problem but in fact was doable more simple. As for GitHub - let's say not every admin can compile or has clue about coding, probably this Server-Actor should be compiled and posted somewhere visible for admins which are not running XC Servers because a double-fix I don't know if it's recommended, probably will slow-down movers based on a double patch...

On the other side, (@Higor) the other tweak to TriggerControl mover was still leaving a door open in some map because in that server I did not install the mutator with tweaker assistant which I wrote for these stupid movers where instigator can be killed in trigger radius and NOTHING is calling UnTrigger when pawn dies - perhaps I have to screw "Killed" or "Destroyed" from Actor definitely forcing some UnTouch at nearby actors which have this pawn in Touching[4] list.
The problem perhaps will need a small package to be sent in player because of new content of execution. New stuff added cannot be conformed properly so client will need to know what's new because here will be needed some variables added - I'll try to figure if exist another simple solution - probably game-controller is an answer.
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