Question About DefaultAnim

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Question About DefaultAnim

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Hey All, so I have been racking my head around this and it has me stumped. I am recoding/compiling a new weapon for our team, which the gun it self has some pretty cool animations in it, and when compiling I get this error:

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General protection fault!

History: movementDigest <- UEditorEngine::SafeExec <- (ANIM DIGEST ANIM=AR50RifleAnims VERBOSE) <- FScriptCompiler::ProcessCompilerDirective <- Directive <- FScriptCompiler::CompileDeclaration <- FScriptCompiler::CompileStatement <- FirstPass <- TryCompile <- FScriptCompiler::CompileScript <- (Class otod_server_pack_v1.otod_server_media, Pass 0, Line 386) <- MakeScript <- MakeScript <- MakeScript <- DoScripts <- UEditorEngine::MakeScripts <- UMakeCommandlet::Main

Exiting due to error
I firmly believe that error has something to do with this line:

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All files and meshes are named correctly and accounted for. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Also worth mentioning, all meshes where extracted using "UModel"

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Re: Question About DefaultAnim

Post by Deepu »

Install unreal gold and then install unreal gold patch 227i, after that export from mesh browser. You will get original mesh files from unreal gold editor... ...