Writing to client's log

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Writing to client's log

Post by Barbie »

I want to write something to client's log only, and not to server's log.
Example: A mutator is running on server and also send to client via ServerPackages. The mutate command should be mirrored to client's log.

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function Mutate(string MutateString, PlayerPawn Sender) {
	log("This should go to Sender's log file: You have issued the mutate command" @ MutateString);
	Super.Mutate(MutateString, Sender);
Is there a way without using replication?
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Re: Writing to client's log

Post by Buggie »

No. Mutate call called only on server so you need use replication for send it back.
And you need actor Owned by Sender for do this RPC.
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Re: Writing to client's log

Post by sektor2111 »

Buggie wrote: Wed Apr 14, 2021 12:10 am No. Mutate call called only on server so you need use replication for send it back.
Who said that you cannot spawn a temporary Info actor owned by "Sender" delegated to do some blabbering in client and even to adjust whatever stuff ?
Not only in ModifyPlayer you can assign an inventory or whatever actor having simulated functions and replication declared - THINK OUT of box, boys :mrgreen: .

Other example
You can even load a weapon using mutate command without trashing game with weaponry all over the place - HealGun idea by example is a typical use of a feature which can be heavily abused as long as nobody cares about doing a check before adding X tons of weapons in spot.
I think if you pick up spawned weapon you can see a pickup message - as client. Why would not have a log as well in certain state/situation ? More or less Hard-Coded. Hard-coded stuff natively replicated won't even need any replication block declared - once again, see hooligan mutator who vandalizes doors in CTF-Niven. All need it's a code working authoritative when actor spawned has a native copy in client and aiming client-side.

A message also can be directly sent on Sender's screen too and this won't need anything - messages being replicated by UT ( and is it readable in console later or not ? ).