A little help configuring static cameras...

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A little help configuring static cameras...

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Hello. I found this tutorial for Security Cameras and I've begun testing it out. It's great but I'm looking to set them up slightly differently. The idea is to make use of the trigger all the same, but having them point to a static, set location. Would it be necessary to create a specific type of pawn for this, and have the camera "track" it when stationary?

I'm asking this because I'm trying to set up a small network of static cameras that simulate what a game like Alone in the Dark did: multiple cameras, each with their own fixed angle once the player crossed a certain trigger. So the idea isn't to make use of Player Tracking (for now at least) but to have them simply point somewhere the player will pass by.

Moreover, how does one get a good idea for a trigger's size? I've used a handful of SDKs in the past, and for the most part, triggers for anything ground-based made use of somewhat explicitly defined areas. I guess I'm afraid of placing two triggers too close to each and much up camera transitions.