Change or new sticky "Test Maps"

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Change or new sticky "Test Maps"

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I don't like the personal maps download, NOT in "mapping"

It needs one that is not just "downloads" but as a place to check out your latest testmap. Months later if you finish it will be the place to post your fixed or new map. IN "MAPPING"

Those threads below for me I don't see them, and is not the map you are working on, in the past, or current, it's "downloads"

Or a "test map" section, so months later I can post the map in the same thread WITH a mapping question of that said file.

The main requirement is you have to have a download of the test map, and or when you finish the map.

So if you don't have the latest test map file in the thread, then resort to the regular ask mapping questions with no map file.

Or something to know that the thread has a map file, in mapping.
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