Is there a reason...

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Is there a reason...

Post by smantie »

...why your website redirects to a virus?


This may be an inappropriate place to post this - I'm not sure.

When I clicked your activation link to activate my account it redirected me to a website which caused my detect an HTML/FakeAV Trojan. Is there a possibility your boards might have been compromised by a virus, which can occor on PHPbb2 forums??

Anyways I thought staff here ought to be aware of this and hopefully if it is a problem others have experienced you can fixed it. Cheers and thanks for keeping UT99 alive.
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Re: Is there a reason...

Post by Acid.OMG »

thank you for reporting this. I don't beleive its this website you may have spyware on your computer, what virus protection are you using?
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Re: Is there a reason...

Post by Shade »

Can you send me the link via PM?

I registered with a new account and tested it...i didnt notice anything.

PS: ... eavav.html

smantie, you got a Fake-AniVirus program installed on your computer, which will detect viruses which doesnt exist...but to "remove" these non-existing viruses from your computer, you have to pay. ;)
Just try to deinstall this Fake-AntiVirus program.