Linux UT players subforum? :)

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Linux UT players subforum? :)

Post by PhantomSV »

I'm sure im not the only linux ut99 player. how bout creating a subforum for LINUX and prob mac players?

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Re: Linux UT players subforum? :)

Post by Creavion »

In case of problems Linux UT players can also use the already existing forums here. They can maybe note that they use Linux. I think, thats enough.
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Re: Linux UT players subforum? :)

Post by Raynor »

I don't know if we need separate Linux subforum for UT but someone could make a nice tutorial how to get UT up and running under linux :)
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Re: Linux UT players subforum? :)

Post by Slave »

Basically, the only thing you'll need different from windows users, will be a diferrent ".exe" installer for UT. For example: If you have the CD with the Win version, just download the executable of the linux UT installer and be happy. :)

If you want it technically explained:

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