changing nickname?!

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changing nickname?!

Post by VRN|C-18 »

is it just me bein incapable or might it be the case that users cannot change their nickname.
if the first assumption is the case please tell me HOW TO, if the second one is correct, would an admin be so kind and change my nickname to VRN|C-18 plus enable the option for all users.
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Re: changing nickname?!

Post by Feralidragon »

You can't change your nickname by yourself, but you can indeed ask it to an admin to change it.

Plus, it's better to be this way, since:
- people know eachothers by their nicks in the forums, and imagine what would be the forum like with 2 or 3 users changing their nicks every day just for fun for example :omfg:
- and also all users have unique username, so let's say that I changed mine to {WINGS}xXx (in game nick) and then some user changed his to Feralidragon, how would that be? Mostly since he would be in his right to do so.

These are just a few reasons why you never see any forum of any kind with such option. So instead, and since it's rare someone changing his username, just ask it to an admin next time :wink:
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Re: changing nickname?!

Post by --=PsyXandeR=-- »

Nickname changed.

As for users changing their nicknames, it won't be allowed in any foreseeable future in order to prevent impersonation.