Registration problems -- please revisit

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Registration problems -- please revisit

Post by harbinger »

It has taken me a few weeks to register to this site. Here's why:

I'm not on the internet at home, so i must trek up to the library to do any internet work. Not your problem, but this means i'm only on the internet once or twice a week. (Hey it's a long walk! :noidea )

I found your site by accident, and being a leftover artifact who's not willing to dish out serious money for the latest thing, i'm still heavy into UT99. I wanted to contribute and be a part of those who shared my interest. So i went to log on...

Everything was fine till i got to the "question." I figured this was a way to keep spammers out. Fine. But "What is the most popular DM map?" How am i supposed to know that? Found nothing on your site, so i guessed. Wrong. Then i was presented with another question: "What is the only yellow weapon in UT?" It took me a while to realize it was the rocket launcher, since i always use the Apocalypse mod with WORM and Weapon Lord; i had forgotten what the original weapons were. After several wrong answers, i was told to come back another "session." Which meant for me tomorrow.

It took forever to realize the rocket launcher was also called the "eightball." I actually had another question, which was, "What is the most popular original CTF map?" And after many tries, mostly because i could hardly remember any of the original maps, i stumbled on the correct answer: "Face" (which BTW i never liked).

I sent an email to a link on one of the registration or site pages (which i couldn't find again), but no answer on how to solve my dilemma.

My point is, i understand you're trying to filter who gets in, but there HAS to be another way. What if someone is new to UT99 but want to learn more and be a part of this community? I'm rabid about UT99 but could not recall the answers to any of your questions. And guessing got me kicked out after so many tries.

Can you at least provide the answers somewhere in the site (stickied), or use some other method of keeping out the riffraff? Who knows how many contributors aren't here because they can't recall or never knew the answers...

BTW, now that i'm here, i will be contributing to the site. I have many maps and texture packages that i can upload, and can even write some advanced tutorials. I have been a closet UT99 hobbyist for many years (i actually started in Mac OS 8.6), and would love to share my wealth of knowledge...
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Re: Registration problems -- please revisit

Post by Feralidragon »

First off, welcome to the forum. :tu:

The questions are there due to spam bots (and after recaptcha, other captcha systems, etc, nothing worked), so we had to implement questions we thought that any UT player would know, and so far all the newly registered users had no problem with it (btw, the "yellow weapon" was in fact the Flak Cannon, which is totally yellow), and it fixed the problem for good, or so it seems.

Anyway, given that you had such difficulties, it's likely other people had and never said a thing, so perhaps that's not a bad idea at all, and we could add more direct and "easy" questions too.

Thanks for your feedback, suggestions are always welcome. :thuup:

Re: Registration problems -- please revisit

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billybill wrote:I found this very amusing (sorry). But why not use email verification and/or have them answer what is the game Unre_l Tournament or have you tried that already? The yellow gun would have to be the flak cannon it probably accepts flack as well. +1 for amusing post (sorry again). +1 for easier question(s)

It's amusing because the rare a combination of the series of unfortunate events and situation is in fact so rare that this could happen and so unlikely that nobody would've ever fixed it that makes it amusing. I am not for laughing at your unfortunate situation, calling you stupid and you are quite correct the "normal weapons" are not all that makes up the pockets of community of this game. And those maps you wouldn't know unless you played online reguarly or followed tournaments and that side of things :)

Welcome :flack:
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Re: Registration problems -- please revisit

Post by EvilGrins »

harbinger wrote:I'm not on the internet at home, so i must trek up to the library to do any internet work. Not your problem, but this means i'm only on the internet once or twice a week. (Hey it's a long walk! :noidea )
I used to do that. Though for me it was a bus ride and then a long walk.
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