Nomination of Higor and Loathsome

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Re: Nomination of Higor and Loathsome

Post by Hitman »

I absolutly agree Image
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Re: Nomination of Higor and Loathsome

Post by JackGriffin »

Oh wow......

Gentlemen I am truly honored and humbled by this. Thank you!
So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Re: Nomination of Higor and Loathsome

Post by Dr.Flay »

I believe I nominated Jack when I turned green. I thought it had come to pass already!

Anyone who has read my repeated lists of the mutators and mods I use, will be aware that I cannot imagine playing without using their work.

I have often compared, or used their names in the same sentence.
Their work has often crossed-over, giving me more choice with the same subject.
What they very much have in common, is that their mods tend to expand the fun-factor, rather than the killing-factor.
They never look-down on newbies or use the term "Noob" (thankfully are rare word on this site).
They have all taken the crazy suggestions from people like me, and either experimented, or explained clearly why it cannot be done.
(I can feel Ferali and Shadow also nodding their heads at me, as they also have to put up with my ideas) :mrgreen:

These 3 guys are the first I think of, when anyone wants help with bots and monsters.
There are others equally qualified, but they tend not to answer (or just dismiss) ideas that are not their own, or from their group of buddies.

A willingness to help, and a willingness to teach, with no expectation of reward or status.
This is the spirit that has kept this game alive, addictive and ever evolving.
That and they are forever asking the question "What if....?"

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Re: Nomination of Higor and Loathsome

Post by Red_Fist »

I must say, it seems Loathsomes server will still be running 1000 years after I die or after a nuclear war.

He has been deserved of some award in my opinion for sure.

rock on Loath !!!
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Re: Nomination of Higor and Loathsome

Post by Chamberly »

I've known both Higor about more than a year and Ferali over a year (I can't keep track) and they both did an extreme outstanding works. I'm happy about their excellency.

...not sure why I haven't exactly met and hang with loathsome yet, but that will be my next visit. ;) lol.

Thank you Jack for bringing up nomination! :tu: :highfive: :gj:
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Re: Nomination of Higor and Loathsome

Post by Carbon »

This is what its all about United we stand....nobody's falling. :)