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I went to Wiki for something which I suddenly forgot... I was distracted by some Member completing lines in there SeriousBarbie (if memory doesn't cheat me). I was totally fascinated by TimedTrigger's explanations. Let me complete my notes:
TimedTrigger is a trigger specific to BotPack. It is called at duty in function StartMatch() having a configurable delay and repeating feature. It fires an event after game-start (good to broadcast mission after start and not before). It looks like it starts instantly in the rest of games parent of DeathMatchPlus which are meant to start without any specific delay.

If new coders (suddenly discovering issues) are join at party then I'm interested how works several things:
- How works FindBestInventoryPath()
- How Works ClearPaths()
- How works some Core.Object operators - some of them seems to do funky things...;
- that BestWeight thing used here and there what base have;
- other bunches of mysterious things.

Private(public) question: Why we made subclasses of default bugged items without to fix nothing and expecting these to be in servers quality based? Ooops...

Probably Wormbo has to check "new blood" what capabilities include...

Edit: Regarding to this ... redTexture As I know so far if counting starts from 0 to 9, then we have 10 textures (1..9 and 0) but... :loool: if we speak about that Barbie specific "Engine byte material not found" I'm not surprised to see errors which usually does not exist. What material have you added in those ported Levels like MH-Niven ? You have maths flaws, baby. I hope you understand why some admin was not so happy with your maps in server.