Font Alignment Code

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Font Alignment Code

Post by Feralidragon »

Well, this forum is very cool, and i want to suggest something that would make this forum even cooler :D

Well, what i suggest (if possible) is the implementation of the "font alignment" code, like "
" and "", as for some threads that are actually tutorials (for example), we could add some good titles at the "center".

And somehow, some signatures are cooler if the image or the text could be aligned at the center or right. :P

And other forums have this code to put our threads or our signatures at center or right.

P.S.: As I am portuguese, please can you forgive my english? :oops:
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Re: Font Alignment Code

Post by Shade »

Good idea Feralidragon! :P

PS: I think your english is better than mine. ;)
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Re: Font Alignment Code

Post by Dare »

Your English is great, great idea too!