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Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 9:11 pm
by UTX
Gonna keep this short and sweet. You need Nali Weapons III to run this package.

Right now it has the Unlimited mutator, which you can set up in its mod menu.
Active Time and Maximum Active Time are valid when the Unlimited is used as a pickup, which replaces the Damage Amp, otherwise, everyone will have unlimited ammunition during the whole match.
To change the weapons that will not have unlimited ammunition, such as the Redeemer, you need to configure the mutator first via the mod menu so the settings get stored in the .ini file, then open your NWExtras.ini file and at the bottom you will find the [XXIII.Unlimited_Pickup] section which has the weapon list that you can edit however you please, you can add weapons from any package. Keep in mind that the fewer weapons you add, the faster the mutator works as it has to check less things.
I also suggest you keep the melee weapons and the Translocator there so everything looks neat-o burrito.

I plan on adding a little HUD thingie that shows when a weapon has unlimited ammunition with this symbol instead of the ammunition count:
The mod menu does not show the help text, gonna change that in the next release.


Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:35 am
by UTX
The Unlimited mutator is the beginning to a new Game Type I'm working on called Arms Race, which you may have seen in other games, here's how it looks in Combat Arms:

Regargind the pickup, I changed its colors to white, as to follow the same colors seen in Nali Weapons III. Since the Infinity Modifier is white, so is the pickup.

Let me know what you think.