Thunderbolt's MH-FairyValley

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Re: Thunderbolt's MH-FairyValley

Post by sektor2111 » Tue May 10, 2016 7:33 pm

EvilGrins wrote:I don't use FerBotz (furry bots)
neither me because I was speaking...
sektor2111 wrote:- if you want this for you in Bot company...
That mutator can be used solo - NO PAWNS loaded, only default UT Bots (or similar), but it might create in run-time a solid Navigation-Network for such planes that can be used by any life-form.
The rest of job is doable in a couple of KB by an unique dedicated mutator as follows:
- a mutator loaded as a normal one - checking if Level is matching wanted Map-Name;
- mutator starts with a pause waiting things to be initialized (even can set monsters inactive if game doesn't run yet;
- in next 2 seconds will check if monsters are not ordered as "walkontree", "lookforplayer" or other stupid un-existent orders;
- after 1 second pause will solve some actors if they need to be fixed;
- after another 1 second will add MonsterWayPoint/s where action requires them, and immediately will deal with MonsterEnd if needs to be reachable and is not;
- then if game starts, Monsters are activated.
- Then you can set your Bots in "freelance" and let them head the hunt.

While I'm able to capture if game has been started or not VIA mutator (off-line and On-line in the same way) I can do more different things POST start. I can even set New Factories if games gets too boring... and all sort of needs.

And then complaints, if by chance some dude will figure what you play, will lose the bet about that you have been editing map before. A bunch of things are doable without starting Editor.

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