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Re: Red_Fists mapping stuff.

Posted: Mon May 27, 2019 6:20 am
by sektor2111
I'm afraid that No One understood that ScriptedPawn has a SetEnemy modified in XC_Engine because it has problems, not because Higor could not sleep at midnight. ScriptedPawn can be triggered and SetEnemy works WITH PLAYERPAWN and Nothing else - this is stock and even if you call a priest it won't get fixed by itself...
I have probably 10+ reasons to use XC_Engine as a default install thing (getting over some adds). Maps like Demons][ with their problems are WORKING different now, all is moving like Bot is PlayerPlawn, Bot being able to trigger monsters properly and I could see this very clearly as long as rewritten SetEnemy propagates SeePlayer and all that Triggering into Attack code in a normal way. It's why a MH map has to be simple and creativity pointed into other directions than this triggering stupidity checked with Bot. I think I sampled how to trigger monsters but... don't count on Bots for this task unless you are "updating" your UT:
- Install at least XC_Engine v21 or...
- doing a private Update of Package UnrealShare.u conformed with original writing all sh!t classes properly and removing PlayerPawn fart by using codes with "Pawn.PlayerReplicationInfo != None" - generic player or something like "P.bIsPlayer" if Skaarj will have another deal with weapon and never set as PRI Player - EPIC goofing.
When you will have these updates you can have a joy with Monsters and Bots - there is a lot of potential here locked/buried because of a brain-fart from Epic which I never understood.
And I'm telling you, EPIC is too busy with other things, they won't update anything soon, so it's your task. Map must have a document with some specifications:
Known bugs:
- ScriptedPawn vs Bot - some admins are having this fixed;
- MonsterHunt bugs - again, not everyone has them in their versions.

If you have map with correct setup and not making a soup with monster states, servers managed by self-person will have this map operational. The most nasty thing is The MAZE. When a spawn-point-saver mutator will drop you closer to last location you have more chances to get lost while Bots are knowing the way - MHBotyMan4 is my savior -> How many public MH servers have such MH paths finders mutators ? Let me see... NONE, because "I do servers for people and I'm not using Bots" is default reply, they really have no clue that pathing stuff it's good Even Without using Bots as well, especially when one or two players don't know where to go...

Re: Red_Fists mapping stuff.

Posted: Mon May 27, 2019 8:25 am
by Red_Fist
I am just basing it off of this logic.

Trigger sends event and does the same thing as a player or bot or whatever touched the thing.

I assume a skaarj would be just as mean to a human bot as a player

Also the bot DOES hit the trigger and does send the event.

The same way they turn on a light, but it would be like only a player could touch the trigger to turn on the light. So I spent a bunch of time messing with a simple trigger, and a pawn.
Last night the editor crashed, but everything works good needs those extra triggers removed and a few other things, and it crashed. I was just wondering why the hell my triggers wern't working. The map is done , but the dumb "idea' of a sitting Titan on a mover messed me up on that too, aaaarg. :omfg:

Re: Red_Fists mapping stuff.

Posted: Mon May 27, 2019 4:44 pm
by sektor2111
Triggering a door is not the same as triggering monster - in trigger function from Scriptedpawn there is a call to SetEnemy - once again, BOT is NOT attacked by Monster by itself unless is bumping into it or you demand attack with a "push-code" and monster is the mostly a Skaarj... Not to mention that some alarm stuff won't work in original MH but maybe in others...
Example: IceSkaarj firing some WoodenBox - I did that in other versions, but in original MonsterHunt Skaarj was pretty much retarded or working very very rare.
You can look and try to understand that ScriptedPawn root and figure what is doable vs what is not doable because you are confusing triggering with regard to monster vs doors decorations etc. They are not the same things.

To not forget that can be coded an assistant actor to be triggered by any pawn. When this actor is triggered we can have a Tagged Monster containing some extra-code for making Monster to react at instigator bypassing SetEnemy, problem can be solved but me one I do not need such actors in my environments because I don't need extra-processing from engine - "default" codes used by me are working as should else I'll fix them instead of doing more actors.
Community should send a letter to Epic toward these borks and asking them: How much do they want for an Update to UT ? - At least for only fixing junks without adds or messing backward compatibility.

Re: Red_Fists mapping stuff.

Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 1:22 am
by Red_Fist
Well I thought I would be slick and tried monster waypoint event to excite the pawn, and trigger item- object, no dice.

I tried an arrow spawner to shoot the skaarj, all it did was put it in wandering mode.
So for the map it will just have to be Human players, my idea was, is all I wanted was for an enemy to leap out at me around corners being they would be close in hallways like that. So at least the triggers do some dang thing for the human player, but they don't learch at me put at least run at me.

As for my sleepyPupae , the property flipper can put it back in the state of seeing a bot, to attack .

Re: Red_Fists mapping stuff.

Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 8:30 pm
by sektor2111
Without triggers and all sort of stuff a single actor can fire monsters in attack against "everybody" if this is the goal.
Perhaps I can imagine scenario: allow them to attack first and then start puzzling maze... I wrote A.I. controllers for ScriptedPawn addressing a DM game, its' not a big deal... monster can play well a DM because... won't roam for items but for enemies. Of course in a DM map we have JumpSpots, maybe TranslocDest and all that Bot specific things else in a plain map like this maze you might see them hunting.
For a slower attack type triggering, it's doable an attacker actor or such aiming certain tagged creatures. If you can compile a MH Mylevel (recall discussions about that) then it's all doable as intended.

Re: Red_Fists mapping stuff.

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 5:54 am
by Red_Fist
OK, I am done

New file in original post. same name zip, same name map.

On this version the bots will take longer because the Pupae is walking around, so a blocked path that keeps the bots wondering around until they kill the Pupae. But they will get through although, there is a chance of them not finding it to kill it, so I added a few other pickups just to move the bots in certain areas, not much just a ,reason, for them to get around.

No Titan, added Pupaes that are sleeping, but made the map a little harder to win.

Again if Barbie wants to tweake it for server use, is ok.

Thanks for checking it out Sekktor.(I am sure you will have something about it) I could have just spawned the Pupae, I did fix the nodes just a tiny bit. Hope it works.

Re: Red_Fists mapping stuff.

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 2:48 pm
by Barbie
Red_Fist wrote:added Pupaes that are sleeping
These animation names do not exist in Mesh'Pupae1':

Code: Select all

class SleepyPupae expands Pupae;
state Sitting {
Pupae1-Mesh.jpg (33.02 KiB) Viewed 783 times

Code: Select all

	SetCollisionSize(Default.CollisionRadius, Default.CollisionHeight);
You have read my comment above, haven't you? :loool:
Red_Fist wrote:Again if Barbie wants to tweake it for server use, is ok.
I'm not going to install this map on my server and so I will not touch it in any way if not explicit asked for it.

Re: Red_Fists mapping stuff.

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 5:08 pm
by Red_Fist
Ok, I just figured the collision problem would not apply to the Pupae being it's on the ground, and I thought "Fighting" was an animation. In other words I didn't want it to have a transition from default.

And I didn't want a tiny Titan that could navigate the hallways.

Ahh I see, in the code part.

In any case my goal was to use that bitmap of the maze once and for all for a terrain.

Plus I didn't put the property flipper in the zip, and not in MyLevel.

As for the load on the map running, is like 1% of the load compared to thousands of maps. And all of those have been run on servers for years. I see no load problem here at all, other than 116 placed pawns. I am not sure how many placed pawns it takes to be a bad thing.

Re: Red_Fists mapping stuff.

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 5:37 pm
by sektor2111
Barbie wrote:I'm not going to install this map on my server and so I will not touch it in any way if not explicit asked for it.
I'm hoping that you understand my statement about primary "Beta" or "Betty" versions, a little bit loved, might be my goals and not those said "updates". Later creativity does funky things... When I read about Pupae "sitting" I could not imagine how a pupae is sitting and suddenly is getting up, it's a whole secret for me which I do not intend to decrypt... :omfg: .
The only non-damaging hacks from patch files which I did at pupaes, working ON-Line and OFF-Line is "pre-pivotting" them on z axis for not having teeth into ground (might have teeth decay like me, which I have to fix these days...) and then, they do look way better a bit reskinned, re-named, re-skilled, re-teamed, etc, etc.

Re: Red_Fists mapping stuff.

Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 2:10 am
by Red_Fist
Level brightness -32 as-in negative 32

Example one room map 4 player starts only.

What negative numbers could be good for, it's to use is to see. how the lights are lined up or radius size to see where the radius actually is compared to the other lights like overlapping. as opposed to looking at a blended normal lighted surface, try setting of -1 first, but this is just an example using a "Disco" light .

Re: Red_Fists mapping stuff.

Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 6:37 pm
by Iacobus
Ok, I know it will be just a post-release feedback, but I'd like to leave my impressions if it would help in any way.


What I liked:

- The concept - I hate corridors, but I like mazes and this is a good one, enough for me to get lost
- The setting - It's moody and the songtrack is very fitting
- Objetives and progression - starting outside the maze and earning the right to get in was a good idea and gives an inicial sense of progression before you
dive into the maze portion, also having the shield as a prize behind the guards. While inside, searching for the pressure plates gives an extra motivation other
than finding an exit and it was a really nice touch
- Enemy Health - If there's something I hate more that corridors, it's bullet sponge enemies, but here it feels well balanced and even without bots and only wielding an
Enforcer I was able to handle all the enemies without feeling it took longer than it should

What I didn't like:

- Right off the bat, I had to crank brightness up to max because I couldn't see anything but the dim light surrounding the torches. Inside the maze the lighting
worked fine because of the tight walls, but in the outside I think it could use some more. Maybe tiki torches closer to the ground instead of wall torches?
- One thing that kept reoccuring was I'd kite the enemies in the outside, walk back dodging the projectiles while shooting and I'd die close to the respawn with enemies
there ready to take cheap shots at me, sometimes getting a cheap kill. Would be nice having a respawn room with doors just so it doesn't happen, preferably 2
doors just so you don't get cornered there in case there're enemies waiting outiside.
- The maze walls are high and there's no ceiling and sometimes the gasbags will fly high and take cheap shots at you and you won't even see it coming
- The Lesserbrutes outiside are fine, but inside the maze it's too tight to avoid splash damage from their rockets.
- A lot of enemies are placed right next to corners, giving no time to react their inicial attack
- I was stuck just with the enforcer for a long while until I found the minigun. Having another weapon passing the maze's entrance would add some variety and fun to it.

The gameplay

I played with no bots, hardcore, no time limit and 5 lives

Won't be of much help since that's not how it's usually played but anyways:

The outside was fun and felt well balanced. I know I said I don't like corridors, but here the way it plays out felt like a shmup with the projectile shooting enemies.
Since it's not a constant in the map it worked fine and you have enough space to deal with all the enemies.
It would've been nice having better access to the shieldbelt once you earned it and maybe some health at the start, but it's your call on that.
The glowing light around the pressure plate was a good indicator and it was well place to introduce the new objective to the player. It made the maze more
enjoyable rather than just looking for an exit and you get to explore and learn the layout in the proccess instead of just getting stuck in a maze. I just felt
9 was too much, making the gimmick drag more than the necessary. It was clearly designed for coop so it's hard to give a proper feedback on that. I
stopped having 3 more to go, but I'll try and at least get to the boss once. Enemy count seems fine and once you're in the maze it's possible to deal with them one by one, so it's never overwhelming.
The scripting, at least from the player's pov worked fine up to that point, geometry looks solid and environment, apart from the sky, looks good and believable, only odd thing was seeing the pupae stuck in air. I'd like a little more variation in the layout but what's there is good enough to
provide some fun.

I'm not a MH player, but from what I've seen so far I think it will be a solid addition. Good job!

Re: Red_Fists mapping stuff.

Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 8:33 pm
by Red_Fist
Wow, thanks man.

It's really hard to place items and ammo compared to the health of enemies (and or how many players), the sky was just as to be some mystical place that the maze was a test of whomever made the maze.

I made it harder to do than the first one.

I use open GL with a gamma spread of 0.1 ("offset"in the GL section of the ini) so that is why it probably looks dark for others.

Thanks again. it gets harder after the center boss.

I have gamma offset at 0.1
and game brightness at 0.4

Re: Red_Fists mapping stuff.

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 2:16 am
by Red_Fist
Up for grabs

A map I did but don't know what to do with, whom ever wants it can make something out of it if they wish.

It was probably more a MH or SP not DM

however you will need to make sense of what I did as for triggers, spawns and what ever else I was thinking.
It works now but like I said I can't figure out a good game with it.

Oh the last idea was to have a chunk of floor drop out for each door cleared leaving you stranded to fall into lava to fight a Titan. But the problem is the collision of the titan to get around, you can't make the floor with enough holes in it to make it hard for the player to get around, unless you increase the Titan earthquake to push you around and fall in.

I mathematically calculated the hall light texture and the lights. So if you mess with those you will be less close to aligning the lights to the texture. The Zero hallway was the original, the others may be off unless it was a 90 degree shift.

EDIT this could be a hub for 16 different MH maps upon completion of each, like a godz return map.

Re: Red_Fists mapping stuff.

Posted: Fri Jan 24, 2020 8:04 am
by Red_Fist
That other thread with the weird gravity arrows map reminded me of this.

Mapped by Ghostwheel, you just fall endlessly, but you can still fight.