UTDMT map, not one of mine

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UTDMT map, not one of mine

Post by EvilGrins » Wed Apr 29, 2020 3:40 am

Most UTDMT maps have the Titans without a lot of room to move, which near as I can tell is the only excuse for not giving them team colors... but this one they've got plenty of room to move and they're not team colored.

So, this:
https://unrealarchive.org/maps/unreal-t ... fbec7.html

Pathing on the map is shoddy at best, no weapons to speak of, bots tend to not move far from their base. There is some pathing, enough to access a side tunnel and travel to the other team's base... but bots don't tend to find it that often and usually just stand around.

Nice big space though, with plenty of teleports and the occasional jump pad... admittedly I haven 't really tried that whole ceiling situation yet.

Map was made in 2000, and there's no discernible way to contact the person that made it.
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