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Re: UT99 stuff by Barbie

Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:21 pm
by Barbie
sektor2111 wrote:I could see absolutely each subtracted cube from halls having a solid in the same spot. Map is done Add-Subtract - Add-Subtract - all cubes and areas have duplicate brushes
I have seen this style of mapping (repeated usage of a 512³ cube to build larger areas/subtracting and adding the same Brush) in some more maps - but after building the BSP tree static Brushes are irrelevant AFAIK. For me the main aspect for fixing was avoiding the log spamming by Access Nones.

Re: UT99 stuff by Barbie

Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 7:21 am
by sektor2111
Ummm.... I went to more editing over there... so far by removing x tens of brushes, map has the same space for game-play (with the same paths from begining). When I do an edit to such a "map" probably not only accessed nones are my goal. Map has that last hall a complete mess: green and red texture from ammocount - USELESS amount of lights in spot because walls are bUnlit :loool: . That spot motivated me to remove ALL lights and editing it EMPTY and then adding lights from lamps generated by Brush-To-Mesh Editor add-on and... some decorations set to be shinny. All "Awesome" MenuName from monsters has been deleted leaving them alone, End was connected with Boss Titan to not rush map, also a few skins have been adjusted, No need textures miss-aligned - I'm better with stock if stuff cannot be mapped as should else new file is pointless, other subtracts have been edited for preventing subtracting the same space multiple times for no purpose. Probably after finishing everything I'll reconstruct Paths, but so far doesn't look necessary, Bots being able to complete map without any pathing Combo, maybe a few DualNodes for isolating combat areas are about to be welcomed - I'll study options here to pick the right solution. Adding InventorySpot over ammo is not a necessary thing, and NullAmmo has been deleted because has no purpose.
While I did some checks around - definitely Snipers zone needs a SkyBox which mapper did not have a clue to do as long as map don't have any mover/door for preventing the rush to the end. The purpose of triggers spamming messages all time it's a nonsense as well, when you are about to end map there won't be any "screwed sh!t" to see as trigger is constantly claiming... and we have that fixed anyway...
To summarize shortly: I'm about to use my Edit which definitely will have another name like "NotScrewedMonsters" or such because it's place for a good game without those junks. This will not include dynamic stuff for now because it's a waste of time, it doesn't worth doing more...

Re: UT99 stuff by Barbie

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 4:05 pm
by sektor2111
Bumping ball: Testing more intensive
Barbie wrote:For me the main aspect for fixing was avoiding the log spamming by Access Nones.
Actually a little bit of love it's still needed here (not your fault) - I can even do these fixes with eyes closed because I fixed them X times.

Code: Select all

MH-BullshitLevel.BerserkStinger.AltFiring.ProjectileFire:010C) Accessed None //There is no StingerProjectile(S) defined in class PlasmaSphere anyway - this is a mindless Copy-Paste from Stinger
... X Lines
MH-BullshitLevel.Sflakslug1.Explode:001D) Accessed None //this is really dumb - who is that P with his Get Axe ?
... X Lines
HauntedCreatures.Gesbioshotgun.RateSelf:003D) Accessed None //This one is a bit strange - state change, heavy load, under resourced whatever
Rating was called later... when Owner was gone (whatever owner) - probably Skaarj killed, etc... Wrapping and conforming needed
Never mind, I'll write a template for all these stupid cubes, the rest of still BotPack's craps I'll solve next days.

Re: UT99 stuff by Barbie

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 3:41 am
by Red_Fist
Your server - other servers, getting pissed. MISMATCH

Why oh why am I moving files and the server STILL says mismatch ??????????????????????????????

One sever has "ending" I moved two files, it still says mismatch.

Well the same thing for your server, asks for "sky" why hell ya I move the music, sky , and Mismatch.
If I were you I would remove all maps that use stock names of user made file names.

As a user I have no option other than to delete or move files. :noidea

Re: UT99 stuff by Barbie

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 7:23 am
by sektor2111
In my Modding/Fooling/Mapping/Crapping/Testing version of UT I have a single UTX file called Sky dated around 2013 - so it's not a stock file as I can see in first 2 seconds - in default UT client used ON-LINE there is no SKY file from any way. I still don't get why do people need to have un-cached craps in their clients and crying for mismatches. Each admin will fix things how wants in order to prevent nasty things. Afaik, you cannot force me to use a borked file since I know that is a trouble-maker and not all of them can be conformed with an "original" due to code structure. And... the main question: Who knows which one is "original" as long as the same file has more than one version structured different ? Generic names ? Good luck with that cache... The fact is that I do not really have these troubles since good months/years because... my client for playing ON-LINE is CLEAN like a crystal, I keep brushing even INI files created by some servers :thudown: which I did not asked for. Two BAT files having shortcuts are doing two tasks - one is removing TMP files from decompression process, the other one I'm hitting when HDD space goes lower because of UXX content from cache, as you see I'm not even bother to open that folder, there are a few read-only files, some bigger ones preventing me to re-download for ages, the rest of small things are purged from time to time. Interesting games with some entertaining content might trigger me to un-cache some of those files in Modding version NOT in Client version and definitely I'm tracking time-stamp un-caching manually only what I need.

Re: UT99 stuff by Barbie

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 9:26 am
by Barbie
Red_Fist wrote:As a user I have no option other than to delete or move files.
Yes. Take a vanilla UT installation and you will not get any mismatches. If you add other (user created) content to the UT installation there will always be the danger of files with same names but different content (=mismatches). Additionally the ignorance of file extensions (UAX, UMX, ...) in Unreal increases this danger because a mismatch can happen if only the file name matches but not the extension. (In your case you had a file SKY.UMX but a file named SKY.UTX was needed. So UT searched for a file named "SKY", found "SKY.UMX", opened it and saw that it has not the expected content.)

Yes, get a better file searching program ("filelocator light" for example), search for the files in question (without extension) in your UT installation and (re)move them.

Hint: for this I have written a small batch file

Code: Select all

@echo off

  rem Syntax:
  rem TreatUTFile.cmd <remove|restore> <Path\Filename.ext>
  rem Examples:
  rem 	TreatUTFile.cmd Music\Guardian.umx remove
  rem 	TreatUTFile.cmd Sounds\Marines.uax restore
	rem Adapt this to your needs:
SET BASEDIR=D:\Programme\UT\
  rem SET FILE_RESTORE=%BASEDIR%\Guardian.umx
  rem SET FILE_ORIGINAL=%BASEDIR%\Guardian.umx-original

rem *** No changes below needed ***

if "%2" == "" goto ErrWrongSyntax

if "%1" == "restore" (
	if exist %2 (
		echo %2 already exists, exiting...
		goto Done
	) else (
		if NOT exist "%2-original" (
			set MISSINGFILE=%2-original
			goto ErrFileMissing
		echo installing %2...
		copy "%2-original" "%2"
		goto Done

if "%1" == "remove" (
	if exist "%2" (
		if exist "%2-original" (
			echo removing %2...
			del "%2"
		) else (
			echo moving %2...
			move "%2" "%2-original"
	) else (
		echo %2 already absent.
	goto Done

goto ErrWrongSyntax

goto end

echo Syntax: %0 ^<Path\Filename.ext^> ^<remove^|restore^>
echo to install or remove the file "Path\Filename.ext"
goto end

echo Error: file %MISSINGFILE% not found 
goto end

and I have created two links for every file:
  • "Guardian.umx remove.lnk" contains "TreatUTFile.cmd remove Music\Guardian.umx"
  • "Guardian.umx restore.lnk" contains "TreatUTFile.cmd restore Music\Guardian.umx"
If I get the message "Guardian mismatch" I execute the first link; if I need that file for opening a map in UnrealEd I execute the second.

Re: UT99 stuff by Barbie

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 5:21 pm
by Red_Fist
I have never had this much trouble before, so I am going to servers and redo some files. the map you had was something like salidon ? with no MH in front using the Sky file.. or a map that starts with an S

I do have a lot of crap in my UT folders, but I can't seem to get that "Ending" one I looked everyplace, I will recheck for the sky file.

The thing is it seems that the old original files that come with the old SP maps, those won't work with the files on server. For instance "Dusk" had to be changed to fix a SP map and has worked forever on MH, I think it was your server not sure since I logged onto a lot, but now some SP maps won't work, if I fire it up.

I have also never had any trouble with Sky or ending, these seem to be all MH related servers. I mean I can handle it but after moving files they come up with the same name, on Rubies server it was "CAC" for one map. oh another was "heavy 208"
or something like that

I found Sky, it's a UNR map and leads to this map archwork#archworkentry?peer

map by Steve W. Long , those are a pack that I don't know the name but it has dynamo, sub, subway, boiler, and it looks like Sky is the first map with a little boat ride, anyway the only way is to use another install of UT, that I do have, I just didn't want to go through all the settings again.

"Ending" is another map,,UNR all it is, is an inside a shuttle and the end, but I can't track down what map you come from, it's some Demo map with a weird gametype.

Re: UT99 stuff by Barbie

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:59 am
by Barbie
Some new since July:
  • MH-Spillway_XXL+SBMod (Version 1: 04 Aug 2018)
  • MH-Testmap(SB) (Version 1: 20 Oct 2018)
  • MH-Thra_Fortress+SBMod (Version 1: 06 Nov 2018)
  • MH-GiranTown+SBFix (Version 2: 06 Nov 2018)
  • MH-Ziki+SBFix (Version 2: 06 Nov 2018)
  • MH-FREEKY+SBFix (Version 1: 04 Dec 2018)
  • Disable teleporters with travelling URL (Version 2: 22 Oct 2018)
Download at usual place.

Re: UT99 stuff by Barbie

Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 10:56 am
by sektor2111
I gotta wait more until people will learn what is Reachable vs Ex-Reachable aka No More Reachable due to their "creativity". It looks like MonsterHunt's Bot pathing will need some explanations for understanding what is about with DevPath generally...

MH-Freeky - ANY version - it's not the "How to" toward Bots, regarding to PathNodes and the rest, they only cover player - if they can find it.

I might be trying my skill in picturing pictures for sampling in static visual explanations WHAT do you need to know about Seeking MH routes because it's not like in Assault or CTF, we have keypoints/triggers to find and NOT NavigationPoints. MHBotyman4 its a tool working exactly as default MonsterHunt and for default MonsterHunt and others like that... mappers are willing to add Bot Support but No One is checking routes out of Bots preventing a time wasted for a task which can be done more quickly and clear. All it's too damn simple...

Edit: After some checks
Discarding Bots (I'm not done yet with jumps in there and there is more to chat around...) and coming to MonsterHunt:
- A Lift is NEVER TriggerControl unless you know how to put the trigger else Lift goes stuck doing nothing (Mover9);
- Mover-Box called Mover3 it's not only useless but has BSP problems - yeah a cube with bugs...;
- objective to trigger crystal aka TriggeredTexture is pointless - fake objective ? Reason ? That one will affect trash-collector from UT as I recall well;
- No ammo in combat zones to load properly, no healing, minigun has no ammo from any type - this is only a stupid regen map not a MonsterHunt map wearing prefix MH;
- definitely could have more zones;
- some brush semisolid (Brush181 - perhaps not the only one) is the same bullshit as those from SValley2 - did Chico wrote a tutorial about crapping geometry ?

So here we go, I have some homework right now because design here is not bad. A fix to the fix do seems recommended...

Re: UT99 stuff by Barbie

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:19 pm
by sektor2111
Bump: I have to ask a question: When MH-NewAlc1 will have a valid fix ?
I'm asking because if I was looking at map for 3 minutes I could figure somewhere the same picture as I could see in a Coop server like a copy of a borked spot moved to MH.
I will have right now a deliberated amnesia forgetting about Bots but asking about Monsters, MonsterSupport which is supposed to happen here.
And because in other topic was used some "paranoia" term, I'll explain a bit what a real Paranoia is:
Bug #1 Crapped Alarmpoint31 - does anybody know what is here ? Nope ? Let me try some english then:
Something tagged "Player" is supposed to be target of creature coming here - FYI > Trooper types won't fire that much IN UT'99 at Actors, but < maybe at Pawns ? > related to this tag used and I cannot say if will even attack something tagged, "SkaarjOfficer" being tested and is entirely retarded with his "RazorJack" - And who the heck is using that Tag ? Assuming if Tag "Player" is used by some PlayerPawn by chance - hell knows - paranoia maybe - Alarm has no "pausetime" and then creature has no time to shoot anywhere :loool: but firing at human pawn entered in game as it does by default - Other motivation to capture monster's attention ?. If it would be set to "bStrafeTo" creature would look more aggressive and more motivated to attack player triggering said monster. Firing task through alarmpoint in default MonsterHunt perhaps won't be that operational but in others... when is about Shooting Tag defined in Alarm. These can be tested using AlarmPoints and some WoodenBox-es tagged as targets and see which Monster type will be able destroy them - and doing Accessed Nones, of course...
Bug #2 More Crapped AlarmPoint2 - does anybo... - // - // - // - :
If I will ever have the best english, I will write a tutorial in how to cure paranoia toward these creatures and removing FAKE setup because it loads map with data for no purpose. This one is hilarious as setup and as location, having utterly NO PURPOSE as the nodes placed closer to these alarms. Has 0 (Zero) paths and is not reachable in any way but has "bNoFail" - poor monster. I don't want to see how do this works because I think I know already when I checked these during the work in one of my MH controllers. This is exactly what I saw in a Coop server having NO FIX exactly like another map with Patrols but no paths between patrols.
The rest of questions about unexistent alarms defined have no meaning we cannot speak about None-s. Reference to "RunAway3" - this is maybe in other map from another time because it's not here. Else for setup generally, monster won't run nowhere at end of Alarms and will fight normally with player around - if player won't "RunAway" by chance.
We don't have to forget that an AlarmPoint it's like a PathNode if setup is screwed. A Pawn can track a route through these, they don't need PathNodes around being exactly like an InventorySpot - all are NavigationPoint Actors requiring a minimal distance of at least 50 UU each-other.
More looking around at each point it's probably a waste of time, more constructive would be fixing it. In other order of thinking, for MonsterHunt I think these can be removed and added more monsters.

Re: UT99 stuff by Barbie

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 8:56 am
by Red_Fist
It may just be a mistake and the mapper forgot about doing or deleting or some old tag. :noidea

" ShootTarget: If bAttackWhilePaused is true and ShootTarget has the tag of some actor, the creature will fire at that actor rather than the player. "

Re: UT99 stuff by Barbie

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 4:54 pm
by sektor2111
"An" IceSkaarj is firing depending on MH version on a tagged thing - yes, even Thing not only pawn, but a SkaarjOfficer did not fire anywhere just moving razorjack with no purpose - and test map was really simple...
This feature was first thing tested after removing Shadow from difficulty deal... First victims were Birds1 killed out of attitude code, because was possible and it's possible, and then destroying three WoodenBoxes. - Environment - ExCTF map BattleZone with sh!t paths which I fixed for my fun.

In above case Skaarj would attack player by simply using bStrafeTo, instead of guessing and dreaming.

Re: UT99 stuff by Barbie

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 8:32 pm
by Barbie
Some new since Dec 2018:
  • MH-ExtremeCore(SB) (Version 1: 20 Apr 2019)
  • MH-RobotFactory+SBFix (Version 1: 20 Apr 2019)
  • MH-Spillway_XXL+SBMod (Version 2: 20 Apr 2019)
  • MH-LoostMine+SBMod (Version 1: 26 May 2019)
  • MH-CrashOnNapali3+SBFix (Version 1: 20 Jul 2019)
  • MH-DivineAnnex+SBFix (Version 1: 30 Jul 2019)
Download at usual place.

Re: UT99 stuff by Barbie

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 5:11 am
by sektor2111
Many thanks for these...
I think MH-LoostMine whatever might take place decently in a server after a few tiny corrections (I'll check others too):
- TranslatorEvent and Translator aren't really stuff for original MonsterHunt and neither German messages - it's a very simple way using a normal trigger set properly and Dispatcher and SpecialEvents using even that specific sound, it's not a Rocket Science - demonstrated in MH-Sk_Tarmation2;
- a PathNode generating useless reachSpecs can be removed reducing the load at once with cleaning useless data hosted in navigation Network;
- some textures can be also un-referenced.

Re: UT99 stuff by Barbie

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 1:47 pm
by rjmno1
I did take a peek at your server barbie and it just looks great.Very good maps and nice monsters and other living beast to kill.
Very nice color used in you browser and voting menu.And very nice server to play with.There are some creatures i did not see in ut, sometimes they look very creepy.
Some monsters reminds me of doom.
You server and client games did disconnect, the server is offline now, or maby did automaticly connect again.
Keep up the good works this server looks awsum and is very nice to play with. :gj: