Hello to all UT99 players!! :)

Introduce yourself! (Please NOT only your Name or Clan!)
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Hello to all UT99 players!! :)

Post by n][c][o »

Hi, I'm nicio, living in Czech republic (anyone from CZ? :) ) and I'm.. quite a newbie, because I play online just about a year..
I play 1on1, DM, TDM, BT and love Assault!! :thuup:
But I'm not just a player - I'm collecting UT movies, preparing a webarchive of UT sites, trying to learn to create my own maps and I'm programmer beginner, so I'm also interested in UnrealScript, UT tweaking and this kind of stuff..
lol :D

And really thanks for this site! I'm so happy to found a living UT99 community..

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Re: Hello to all UT99 players!! :)

Post by Creavion »

yearh, its hard in todays times...

unreaplayground is mostly dead (only a handful user visit the site here and there)
beyondunreal is mostly focused on unreal engine 3 (games)
So much for that.

Just noticed that I am mostly to lazy to visit that part of the forum (:
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Re: Hello to all UT99 players!! :)

Post by Rakiayn »

good to see some new ut99 players. :mrgreen:
for mapping and coding, you have come to the right place
ans ut99 is not as dead as you might think :wink:
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Re: Hello to all UT99 players!! :)

Post by Hook »

Rakiayn wrote:good to see some new ut99 players. :mrgreen:
and ut99 is not as dead as you might think :wink:
Ditto~!!! :P
It is NOT Dead at all!
We are also Alive and well...
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