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Post by UT99.org » Fri Sep 06, 2013 10:15 am

billybill wrote:Gracias. I can't say there is a schedule for releasing the top ones. I could probably rush any of them out if there was enough demand. Even though I lost all of them on a hard drive, I still have all the textures and knowledge of it all. I really hate doing the same things twice. But keep posting here so I can see demand for them and they will be put out there every single one


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Post by UT99.org » Fri Feb 07, 2014 12:21 am

billybill wrote:please let me know if there is any interest in the following and I can release source or compile it and write-up a quick readme

Anti-idle - Logs players if no frags accumulated in one round of play and deaths are at 1, kicks them with a message a couple minutes into next round if things haven't changed. Very simple. With this one I avoided spawning a new actor that would kick them x seconds after message. Because it would have to do the check all over again and I figured the console message when they get back would be fine

Invisibility fix - fixes a bug where player has the invisibility and the shieldbelt but is not fully invisible. Also a bug where player with SB takes damage to lose shieldbelt and is still not invisible. I am not sure what versions this bug is present in otherwise to say you will know it if you have it. And Pure fixes it too IIRC

PostalBabes - A lot like the existing one but is serverside. The "Postal" in the name refers to the game of Postal 2 and also gopostal is the author of the UT99 version. Spawns a trophy, sexy dance moves can be turned on or off or on for males only

FPHs Actor - Simple actor that resets the top three FPHs and optionally clears the banlist. And displays optional message. After midnight if it's a new day. Kept simple. It could have better scheduling but this is how it stands at the moment

SpecialDeaths - Fixes special kills like decompression chambers so players still get a message. I added a popping sound and "clean your boots" message for stomp deaths and the same for popping headshot and translocate kills. A message that tells players as a normal messagebox message when they could have shortened respawn time by typing suicide in the console (Morpheus, Hyperblast etc)

Ol'Skool - Goes alongside MrLoathsome's UT2U1, lets players play any game with Unreal weapons, ammo, pickups, replacing originals. Although I have yet to try adding decals, giving it a GUI so that replacement can be more refined

I have far more which I haven't listed, a lot of it can be ripped out and made into standalone serveractors, or mutators

I encourage people to share simple stuff like this.
I've certainly seen things on other servers I like but in areas I have yet to fully venture or spend time experimenting with


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Post by UT99.org » Fri Feb 07, 2014 12:55 am

medor wrote::agree1:


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Post by UT99.org » Tue Feb 11, 2014 10:37 pm

billybill wrote:Can you be more specific. The reason I ask this is because for example the postal babes one is spawned in as a module. Uses spawned() not postbeginplay() so cannot be loaded as a mutator, I have several mutators that detect when the game has ended, and have yet to decide which is the least resource consuming and most accurate at detecting it every single time

I'd like to one day set up something where I can post the sources and have them updated often with ease, maybe an email subscribe list for each one so users are aware of any updates. I don't really want old versions sitting on a file server somewhere when I make updates and fix bugs. And as I said I could list much more


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Post by UT99.org » Wed Feb 12, 2014 12:02 am

medor wrote:PostalBabe is a girl in the team that is not happy to see only babes :lol: have you that with mix bade and boy ?

Invisibility fix for patch our server.

SpecialDeaths will be nice to for replace humiliation.


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Post by UT99.org » Wed Feb 12, 2014 1:40 am

billybill wrote:It has the two options, 1 no sexy dancing, or 2 if a girl player win then no sexy dancing. The sexy dancing is a mix of Taunt1 and Thrust. Non-sexy dancing is Victory1 and Taunt1. Need to strip out and make standalone, I don't mind providing as-is

The invisible works in maps with "ut_invisiblity" or "ut_stealth" pickup, and I coded a seperate part to it to deal with the 'stealth (arena)' mutator, which works but I have not checked log for errors. I should probably add support for Unreal 1 shieldbelt as well

SpecialDeaths each of the death types mentioned do have on off switch but it uses shared config. I did do a check today to make it work along-side other mutators, but should probably check more thoroughly. Once again because of the way the configuration is I need to make standalone, I don't mind providing as-is

If I don't have future plans for them then I still need to remove small things that relate to the mod they are a part of. I will see what I can do in coming days. Since they are mostly snippets, it would be easier to upload the source for them here or a pastebin type site. I don't think these are suitable for compiling with readme's and int files

Mind you in the time I wrote this post I could've stripped and posted the source for two of those :lol2:

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Post by FryFry6969 » Sun May 15, 2016 7:31 pm

UT99.org wrote:
billybill wrote:I am the author of several unreleased mutators and game modifications which I intend to release some day

(blue indicates already released and easy to find files)

color projectiles system
all projectiles and lenses of weapons are colored in one of 5 team colors

weapon swapper
swaps weapon priorities and binds of the player for the round

Ipserver extensions
displays all spectators, players, bots correctly in server browser

Bot extensions
changes the attributes of bots per round so they behave entirely different from one another and what the default bots do. can fill settings file with virtually unlimited number of bot names (but only 32 randomly chosen per round)

score recovery
allows everything to be restored when a player reconnects, including how long remaining they have for powerups, the direction they were facing, whether they have 2 of one weapon (enforcer), weapons without ammo, the current weapon they were using, any physics the player was undergoing. unfortunately you would lose a couple of player slots due to the laggy nature of it collecting the data when it is about to lose connection and restoring it when they rejoin

mapvotela extensions
allows players to vote for map DM-Morbias][ for example and then be downloading a remixed version (also with accompanying files can display default map in ubrowser)

x3dfx mapvote extensions
allows for players to vote in mutators and then download those mutators dynamically when the map switches

redirect changer Direct: http://unrealtournament.99.free.fr/utfi ... change.zip Info: http://www.ut99.org/viewtopic.php?f=32& ... 389#p42436
based on map prefix or what is listed for that map in config

auto spectate
puts players into spectate slots if they try and join the full server (also messes with ipserver to display a simulated "maxplayers")

skin swapper/join checker
- optional, allows players to change their player class ingame using commands (reconnects them same as score recovery). to pre-set skin classes and skins.
- allows you to specify only allowed skin class and skins for your server to prevent skinhacks, crash skins, portal usage
(could potentially create lag going through a list so either drop player slots, dont use approved skins list, or use a liter edition like below)

join checker lite
checks them on join for known skin hacks (replaced the MaleSoldier.utx skin to fix this, so irrelevant now)

Better anti-tweak mod (more info soon)

antitweakv52 (update)
blocks more tweaks that would be considered illegal in tournaments

antitweakv52 for bonus packs
yes, a seperate one must be made for bonus packs

redirect server
redirects all udp requests, or simply answers them with the results gathered at the specified rate. redirects players to new server on join

I can't think of any more right away, but also numerous maps and mods sent to me to release
oh and let me know if any of the names would get in the way of existing ones because I don't intend to do that
I know this is a old post but is there any way to get the Ipserver extensions?

Or is there something similar?


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Post by Aldebaran » Sun May 15, 2016 9:02 pm

Perhaps the XServerQuery and XBrowser is something you are looking for:

XServerQuery: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=6061
XBrowser: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=3284&start=0&hilit=xbrowser

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