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Introduce yourself! (Please NOT only your Name or Clan!)
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Re: Dr.Flay says hello

Post by Dr.Flay » Fri Jun 24, 2016 5:22 am

I have been in a rather poetic mood lately, and thought I would share my most recent forum introduction here

The name is Doctor Flay.
I am the same Flay today,
as I was all of yesterday.

Unreal Tournament is mostly what I like to play,
(yes, from year to year, and day to day.)
It would be fair to say that it limits me in some way,
but having so many mods it is hard to put away.

I moderate and help through morning, night and day.
Now here I am in my 40s, but not a sign of grey.
At least I must be doing things in a stress-free way.
Hopefully I will be useful here, and plan to stay and play (someday).

Note: if you ever meet a Dr.Flay online that is disrupting play
Challenge him to string some rhymes or go the f*ck away.
I've only used the 1 name, from the 90's until present day,
so I am incredibly easy to find, and also careful what I say.

I run a label for free mashups, my favoured sounds I often play.
upon my tech-based radio show, each week on late-night Friday.
And just in case you are not sure, or if to ask, no I am not...

....Oh and I sometimes write silly poems and take photos of stuff.

Personally however....

I am not so happy with it,
In fact the ending is ...
Because I did not know where I was going,
I challenged myself to write a better poem.

In one long sitting,
not even stopping
for eating or sh**ing
or p**sing or shopping.

I wrote a randomly ragged rhyming rant,
until I'd had enough to say "no more I can't"
So low and behold, I give unto you,
my newest of poems, where I don't mention poo :oops:

Note: I am not using my normal speaking voice. I tone down the Cornish accent.
Also I notice I made a couple of mistakes reading it, so I will have to ...*groan* record it again.
I write stuff that is difficult to say, and it takes many attempts before I don't trip over something.
This was an experiment with no theme other than "Wind" and "Winding" (because the English language is stupid sometimes)

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