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Linux Server TTM

Post by ghee » Sat Sep 14, 2019 5:17 pm

Hi, I just setup an Ubuntu 18.04 server using

The server seems to be running fine but I want to know how I can install and run TTM. ... rch_mode=f

I suppose in general what do I do with .u and .int files to install the mods I want to my UT instance?

Thank you

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so i uploaded the TTM .u and .int files to serverfiles/System where all the other .u and .int files (I'm assuming this is where these files belong) and now the server won't start because it sees the TTM files as non-executables eventhough I chmod 777 these files. Anyone any ideas how to file this?

Thank you

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Re: Linux Server TTM

Post by Metalfist » Sat Sep 14, 2019 6:19 pm

  • You put the .u and .int files in your system dir (utx -> textures, umx -> music, uax -> sound)
  • You add the serverpackage to your UnrealTournament.ini at the serverpackages section (you can remove the "de" package from that list as it creates conflicts)
  • You define it in your mapvote mutator (add one like MapvoteLA13 or something similair)
    In the readme there are also settings to put into the UT.ini, but maybe it generates it on its own
  • You compress the .u file to (UTComprez for example) and upload that to your redirect
  • Don't forget to add your redirect in your UT.ini