Strangelove Classic UT99 Server

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Strangelove Classic UT99 Server

Post by dixEEh » Sun Jul 26, 2020 9:38 pm

Strangelove Classic UT99 Server


20 good years of UT99, and this game is still pretty active! That's awesome.
But i have been missing a server dedicated to Strangelove and especialy it's classic gameplay.
Rocket-x nowadays just doesn't match up with the feeling of an untamed rocket between your legs.

This is the reason i started my own 12 slot server, dedicated to the classic Slv2 gameplay. Including yellowjacked and Relics.
Currently it host's 48 of the most played maps through the years. This all with 4 different type of play.
  • Strangelove Classic
  • Strangelove ARENA
  • Low Gravity SL Classic
  • Low Gravity SL ARENA
Connect to Unreal://
Or simply Look for Strangelove Classic UT99 Server | Classic Style SLV2 | by in your UBrowser.

I've also started of an Discord server to be able to meet other like-minded players. This channel will be the main communication portal for the server.
So, If there are any players around that are looking for the classic strangelove gameplay, help a brother out and join the Discord server!

Together we can make this happen. Together we can ride those rockets!

Cheers for listening, and admin, delete if not allowed!
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Re: Strangelove Classic UT99 Server

Post by Metalfist » Sun Jul 26, 2020 10:17 pm

Thanks for starting a SLV server! I see you found my SLV papercraft haha :D
I added an announcement on the UT-SLV discord about your server.

Just to add, the Strangelove community is here:
UT-SLV forum: & UT-SLV discord (for all SLVers):
We also have a SLV server running in France.