'Min. Total Players' adjusting per map

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'Min. Total Players' adjusting per map

Post by kaneder » Sun Apr 11, 2021 4:05 pm

Planning on having a game night with some family here soon and was hoping to be able to do this: adjust the amount of bots that join the game depending on what map is in the map cycle (without having to restart the server and edit every time) . For example: the server beings with a 2-10 players map that fills with bots to a minimum player count of 10, the game ends with the next map cycled, auto changing to a 2-3 players map, the minimum player count then adjusts to 3 players minimum.

I've always wondered if this was possible and how servers deal with map voting to very small maps but their settings for minimum players exceed the recommended map suggestion (thus resulting in respawn deaths). Thanks much! (to be fair, my situation deals with a local server, so if this isn't possible, editing after each map isn't such a big deal, I only wondered if this could be effortless)

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Re: 'Min. Total Players' adjusting per map

Post by sektor2111 » Sun Apr 11, 2021 5:07 pm

I'm not sure if this tools it's not intended to do that.
https://unrealarchive.org/mutators/unre ... 293f0.html

A short Note if it's permitted - my apologies in advance.
I might be interested about such a cute tool as well, but this one I'm not sure if is very suitable everywhere as long as I could see maps without too much player data specified. These I think should be taken in account too based on PlayerStarts. No overcrowded games but neither without action.
I think in DynamicBotCount by SpongeBob I'll drop a function for using Map's spawning places - these should be a reference about recommended capacity still without ignoring MaxPlayers decided.
User will configure this toy as it wants - if is having maps sorted or... unsorted and criteria for charging Bots has to be calculated based on original spawning places. I wrote something so far, but I need to do more tests. In initial stage it looks promising, it does what I want.
There is a reason for reverting it back as Mutator not actor. In multi-servers having 1on1 matches in games setup, this tool I don't think is needed in MapVote's settings and neither to spawn more than two "players". If it's Server-Actor and loaded all time this won't help, unless is needed another tool for actors management - too complex. Out of 1on1 matches perhaps it's the most suitable case.