UT99 on Linux / Linode

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UT99 on Linux / Linode

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Hey guys - newbie here. I recently signed up for Linode (linux cloud server) and got some games to run and play with my friends. Now, UT99 is a bit of a mystery to me. Can you point me towards a recent guide (or share with me your instructions) on how to remotely install UT99 on a Linux cloud server? They offer all sorts of distros, e.g. Debian or Ubuntu.

Been searching the forum (and the web) up and down for a recent step by step guide. Lots of it is outdated or refers to installing it on a local Linux server/client (not a remote cloud server with recent Linux versions). Probably just too stupid to find it ;)

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction and apologies if this has been asked.
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Re: UT99 on Linux / Linode

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Do you have shell (and/or root) access?
The Linux version is not really important; of course it must support 32 bit binaries because UT is such one. Also for UT v469 GNU libc 2.19 or later is needed (see version 469 system requirements).

I started with ASU; looks like last update was in year 2003 but should still work.

A recommendation: use a virtual machine with the same Linux at home to try out several things and if it works, use reverse FTP to sync it to the public server.
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